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Intel Core i9 Chip for Laptops

Future technology is here, Intel has created its latest Core i9 Chip for laptops, at an tech event in Beijing on Tuesday, Intel revealed its 8th generation Processor. Cool! so, what does this Core i9 Chip has?

Intel has done it this time, created something for the future, the 8th generation chip contains six cores and 12 threads, creating a first Hexa-core CPU for laptops.

Core i9 has been clocked at 2.9 GHz frequency but you can unlock and can make if capable of turbo frequencies of 4.8GHz .

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tech Reviews of Intel Core i9 Chip for Laptops

This 8th generation can speed up more than ever before because of 12MB of cache and support for DDR4 – 2666 RAM. But why we are talking about this 8th generation at the first place?


Now with the help of this processors for laptops, you can get faster gaming experience and easy editing options for 4K videos. Actually Intel has claimed, with the help of i9- 8950HK specifically, there is an increase of 29% of performance increase over the previous processors.

Intel Core i9 Chip for Laptops

Optane tech is another tech launched by Intel and Core i9 is coming with this tech, this will increase performance & storage capacity of your devices.

What else?

Core i9 will be available with Intel’s 300 series chipset, which comes with integrated faster GB Wi-Fi. Actually this chip or processor is gaming oriented but we won’t mind it in Macbook pro or any other apple’s products. Company has also launched newly updated core i7 and i5 processors, specially for less ambitious or people looking for another version of i9 chip.

So, if you are a gaming freak or looking for better option to edit HD videos, Intel has created this chip just for you.

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