7 Interesting Calendar Ideas to Kick-Start New Year

The New Year is only months away! This means graphic designers have their hands full already. While designing calendars with a theme is a very fulfilling job, it can also be quite frustrating when you cannot decide upon a good theme that will help you go along those 12 months. So, if you are planning on designing customize calendar then here are 10 interesting designs that will definitely inspire you.

One Word for Each Month – Tech Reviews

Displaying the day and month on a calendar while marking important dates and keeping the calendar functional is very important but this is not enough. To draw one’s attention to a calendar, it needs to be interesting to look at. This calls for a stellar theme and one theme that immediately comes to mind is to describe each month in a word. How would you choose to sum up each of the 12 months into a single word?

One for the Traveler in Each of Us

Who does not like to travel to exotic locations? We all love travelling and what if your printable calendar 2018 could showcase pictures of the most suitable places to visit around the globe based on each month. The vivid images will be nothing short of inspiring and can also serve as a goal setter for places to be visited along the year.

Flower Power

Flowers symbolize beauty, serenity and fragrance. There are so many types of flowers to choose from and choosing one flower for each month by striking a relation of the flower to the month is a great way to please all those people who grow flowers in their backyard.

Who’s your Idol?

Let’s all be honest! We all have at least one idol and they inspire us to lead our lives and achieve our goals. As a designer, you will have to put your common sense to the test and choose 12 of the most universal figures whose images can be placed on each page of the calendar. Just make sure you do not place a picture of Hitler.

A Magnum Opus for the Artist in Us

Every single person on the planet appreciates art, especially the masterpiece Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Choosing the most popular works of art to serve as the background for each month and having a layout for the dates is definitely unique and captivating, exactly what a calendar should be.

A Nature Trip

Most of us are too busy to take nature walks or go mountain climbing. Having an illustrated calendar featuring trees, skyline, mountains, and forests is a great way to curb the adventure tendencies in each of us. If you are a designer who offers customize calendar then you can ask you customers which are their favorite types of nature spots and incorporate them into the 12 pages of your calendar. It will definitely please your customers.

Something for the Kids

How can one think of themes for a printable calendar 2018 without thinking about kids? Children have important lives too and they look to the calendar for marking special events in their lives such as the birthdays of their best friends, exam dates and so on. Why not give junior his very own calendar with his favorite cartoon characters printed on each page, 1 character for each month. If you are planning to design for children who are a little older, you can choose superheroes instead.

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So, get your fellow designers together on a roundtable meeting and let the brainstorming sessions begin. You are free to use one or all of these ideas for inspiration.

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