Invest in IoT Sensors but Never Forget the Importance of IoT Connectivity for Your Business

Humans have long thought of machines to be dumb with no sense of their own. Precisely guiding the machine to do its work has been considered the responsibility of humans. Although automation has been incorporated into the workflow of many business operations, an automatic machine still needs periodic human surveillance. What if the parts of a manufacturing machine degrade before their expiration date and your whole operation comes to a halt? This is the primary reason why human intervention has remained important for so long…but not anymore. As IoT sensors come of age and get better and better with each passing day, it is time to offload your burden by using them in your business process.

IoT Sensors: A Different Sensor for Every Use Case

IoT sensors are devised for different business use cases. Some important IoT sensors that can help you improve your business are listed below:

  1. Sensors for measuring temperature – It has been seen that a lot of machines in the manufacturing industry develop worn off parts before their expiration date. Operations carried out through degrading machines can be dangerous for both business and people working on them. But, when you use an IoT platform and integrate temp sensors on your machines, you get real-time update on temperature. If the temperature stays too high for too long (over the prescribed limit), the analysis system sends timely update to the manager about the degrading condition of the machine. This helps in preventing an untoward situation from developing. Below are some common temp sensors that are used:
  1. Thermocouples: These sensors indicate temperature change with a change in voltage.
  2. Thermistors: These sensors are integrated with a sensitive resistor that changes physical resistance with change in temperature.
  3. Infrared sensors: Intercept a part of emitted infrared energy of the object for measuring the temperature change.
  1. Proximity sensor for retail business – Proximity sensors are widely used in retail businesses for notifying the customer about the product he might be interested in, while browsing through the store. These sensors are also used in automobile industry for equipping a vehicle with a feature that tracks nearby obstacles and alerts the driver. Some commonly used proximity sensors are:
  1. Capacitive sensors
  2. Photoelectric sensors
  3. Ultrasonic sensors
  1. Chemical and gas sensors – Both these sensors are specifically used for monitoring changes in liquid or gases. The main advantages of these sensors are: safer industrial environmental monitoring and prevention of health hazards due to an unintentionally released gas.

Complementing IoT Sensors with Quality IoT Data Connectivity

IoT sensors are only useful if they stay connected all the time to the main system. To ensure a proper connection, it is essential to take the help of a reputed IoT data connectivity provider.

While you are in the process of partnering with an IoT vendor, you should go for a company that specializes in IoT billing as well. By accessing comprehensive IoT services, you will be able to reduce your burden and perform your accounting and billing tasks better.