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Jeremy Meeks

‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks Spotted Kissing Topshop Heiress Chloe Green, yes you are thinking about one and only Jeremy Meeks– Hot model. And this hot kissing scene was captured in Turkey, probably  the hot mugshot was spending some time with Topshop heiress source url Chloe Green and it happened despite of rumors like – he is married.

Jeremy, 33 and Chloe Green, 26 were spotted making out on a luxury yacht and enjoying in sun.

In fact Green has confirmed her relationship with Meek, “We appreciate all the love & hate,” she said.

‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks Spotted Kissing Topshop Heiress Chloe Green

On the controversial part wife of Jeremy Meeks has recently share her instagram photo with Meeks & two children, so she might haven’t got any clue about these hot kisses.  Well Meeks was an internet sensation in 2014 as his hotness was very hard for girls to avoid. And still even today Jeremy looks damn hot. He is married, he is having  affairs with Green, so in all he is the most lucky guy, no?

Actually this is life, when you are blessed by god in term of looks, personality, hotness, richness or may be anything else, then you can do any thing. Yes, any thing because other guys who don’t have such sexy looks can only wait for girls to come and kiss them. But it does not happen, generally you have to be damn rich or damn sexy to get girls in your arms.

Ar you ?

May be you are but there are very few sexy men on the earth and they have all the attentions from hot girls out there. And rest of the men are either busy in making money so they can get beautiful girls or busy in regretting on their life.

But its okay, if you are not handsome or sexy as Meeks you can follow these simple tricks to get hot girls.

  • Number One don’t feel okay with your weak or dull looking physic, go and join Gym. Dude you have to work on your outer looks now.
  • Energy; yes that’s right lazy men can get nothing so eat a lot and be energetic, you know attention requires a lot of energy and this is true with girls as well.
  • Don’t worry if you are not rich, you can get that but don’t be spend thrift.
  • First start spending on yourself and keep smile on your face at least when you want to get hot girl friend.

Secret to Get girl friends like Meeks

It is a top secret that if a man has too many girls liking him then chance are there, he is going to get extra attention as well. So guys use this trick and get involved in taking care of yourself and see if you may become Jeremy Meeks.

Who is Jeremy Meeks?
Who is Jeremy Meeks?


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