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Justin Bieber LIVE Concert Mumbai | JUSTIN BIEBER VIDEO CONCERT INDIA 2017- PURPOSE TOUR | Super Successful Concert

It was the first time when such a big celebrity like Justin Bieber came to India for his live concert. There is no doubt, the concert ended up with huge success and during the live show of Justin every girl in the hall screamed for him like hell. It was a huge-huge success and Justin did perform in his awesome looks.

Justin was wearing white shoes, White cool T-shirt & white in all, he looked damn good on the stage of live Concert and it was impossible to the audience not to scream for him, even for a single second.

Justin performed for 90 minutes in DY Patil Stadium on 10th May 2017.

Fan got crazy when Justin started singing Baby and then sorry, Justin let his fans to sing along with him and girls went crazy for him.


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