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Loadscan Volume Scanner, Ideal for your business, the load volume scanner will automate payload measurements and bring accuracy and efficiency.

Making use of laser scanning technology combined with state-of-the-art Loadscan software, the load volume scanner from Loadscan is able to accurately measure the volume of any material that a truck is carrying.

Rather than going by right measurements that can differ drastically due to moisture in the load, this system will instead measure the actual volume of a load. It will also record a 3D profile of each and every load that passes under it.

With Loadscan, you can say goodbye to customer/supplier disagreements as you or your customers will never pay for water content again. You will also be able to make use of a much more accurate material management due to the Loadscan software.

  • Trade-Approved Lasers – Loadscan Volume Scanner

The rangefinder lasers within the Loadscan LVS system have been put through a range of accuracy and metrological testing. They have in fact become the only lasers you will find on the market that have passed those tests and been given trade approval.

  • World Class Reporting Software

The back-office Overview reporting software that comes as a part of the LVS system is easy-to-use and will allow you to monitor and manage not only loads of each truck but also all of the materials that you have on site.

  • 3D Images – Loadscan Volume Scanner

Colour 3D images of all loads will be recorded by the LVS system. These detailed image recordings will allow you to see if there is any suboptimal loading.

Four Load Volume Scanners to Choose From

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Loadscan has four different LVS systems for you to choose from with each being suited for different locations and requirements:

  • Block Mounted Fixed – LVS-3BMF

This is mounted permanently via a block which makes it ideal for permanent locations.

  • Block mounted Portable LVS-3BMP

This is a portable version of the previous configuration and is suited for longterm jobs where it will have to be relocated at some point.

  • Trailer Mounted Mobile – LVS-3TMM

Mounted on a trailer, this is ideal for any short or smaller jobs that might require it to be used across multiple locations.

  • Custom Mounted – LVS-3CMX

This LVS scanner can be placed literally anywhere which makes it the perfect solution for the entry/exits of mines, buildings or tunnels.

The System Component of the LVS System | Tech Reviews

The standard system available from Loadscan is designed to be used with trucks and small articulated dumpers. It works by allowing vehicles to drive underneath an elevated scan head which then have the volume of their loads scanned accurately. The whole scanning process is fully automated and users will be able to make use of a touchscreen control panel to monitor and manage the information given to them. An LED screen onsite will display the volume of each truck so that the driver and anyone else will be able to see the results of the load.

Each LVS Scanner Will Bring Equal benefits

No matter which of the Loadscan configurations you choose, you can expect to have benefits such as:

  • Accurate Measurements

Measurements done by volume are far more accurate than using traditional weight metrics. This is because moisture content will no longer be able to skew the size of loads.

  • Cutting-Edge management System

The backend management system will allow to track and record all load going in and out of your site.

  • Better Return on Investment

Due to easy installation which can be done in 30-minutes and its automated processes, you and your site will be able to function far more efficiently. Trucks do not even have to stop for their loads to be scanned.


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