Lotus Elise Cup 260 Hilarious Reviews

Lotus Elise Cup 260 Hilarious Reviews

Special edition of buy propecia thailand Lotus Elise Cup 260 Hilarious Reviews show that this car is fastest and super powerful hardcore design yet. This design is build on cup 250 and has been tagged with a huge price of 60k pound, but it is not easy to get your hands on this cars as only 30 limited editions are under the production roof.  And we talk about the weight this super car, then including rear wing, front access panel, engine cover and very powerful brake discs, makes it 902 Kg in weight.

Actually now you know that go here Elise Cup 260 has been remodeled from Cup 250 and now this new version of the car has got downforce of 44% over the Cup 250. And this new form is good enough to generate 180kg weight of downforce at 150mph, and it has complete set of Yokohama’s stickiest tyres – 10mm wider than the Cup 250’s boots, including damper combination with Nitron spring which was first used in can i buy amoxil over the counter Exige Cup 380. And this coolest car has multiple settings to adjust for rebound and compression.

Lotus Elise cup 260 modeled on cup 250
Lotus Elise cup 260 modeled on cup 250

Remodeled over Cup 250- Lotus Elise Cup 260 Hilarious Reviews

Lotus Elise Cup 260 Hilarious Reviews show us more…

Lotus has worked on 1.8 liter engine working upon Cup 250, producing 4 lb ft of torque and 4bhp, a brand new air filter has been introduced in this and engine management has been set according to new configuration.

And if you want to know some more details about Lotus Elise Cup 260, here it is-

  • Peak 250bhp and 188bhp ft of torque at 7200rpm and 4000 to 6000 rpm respectively.
  • Power to weight ration 276bhp per ton based on the weight of the car, i.e. 902 kg, kerbweight.
  • It takes only 4.2 sec in reaching 61mph from 0

Whats new in Elise cup 260?

Since the car has been redesigned on the previous model Cup 250, but it has some better specifications like the power boost suspension over haul, increased downforce & grippier tyres which help this model to go faster by 2.5 sec than Cup 250.

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