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Make Your 4th Generation iPad Like New Again

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Make Your 4th Generation iPad Like New Again: -Repairing your Apple product shouldn’t expensive or stressful. iDemiGods knows that you need a one-stop shop for all Apple electronic parts, and that’s why we sell replacement parts and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iDevices so that you can easily do a repair in the comfort of your own home.

Make Your 4th Generation iPad Like New Again

We are one of the few companies that offer brand new parts for your older models of different Apple device units. As a worldwide distributor of parts and accessories, our elite customer service will keep you satisfied and ensure that your device lasts long through the years.

Our products are offered a discount rate, come new, and usually qualify for free shipping within 1-2 business days, so your savings will be increased. Our iPad 4 battery replacement comes standard for all 3rd and 4th generation retina Apple iPads. The battery is OEM, which means it is sourced from the Original Equipment Manager, so it doesn’t get more authentic that.

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Apple released the 4th generation iPad in 2012, and since then has made a few updates including a faster processor, 1.2 megapixels FaceTime HD front mount camera, and support for updated and faster Wi-Fi options. Along with this, sometimes a new battery is needed to keep up after lots of usages. At iDemiGods, you can purchase our Ipad 4 Battery Replacement. This battery is able to hold a charge as it runs on a 3.7 Volt battery.

Your iPad will function like new and be able to last for longer and better like it just came out of the box. We also offer a 6-month warranty on our products to be sure that you are getting the best quality for the prices we offer. In addition to our iPad 4 battery replacement, we also offer OEM battery replacement for iPad 1st Gen, iPad 2 2nd gen, and iPad 3 3rd gen.

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While the iPad 4 battery replacement is noted as difficult to install, we do offer the necessary tools and pieces to make it as easy and worry-free as possible. In order to complete the battery upgrade, you will also need to invest in the proper tools. Replacing an iPad battery doesn’t have to be a difficult task with iDemiGods’ wide selection.

Choose from many different types of opening tools, which help effortlessly open the back of your device to retrieve the old battery.

iPhone 7 Plus Parts and iPhone 5 Parts

Try our iSclack opening tool to open the back of your iPhone or iPad. Or stick to a simpler way to open the back by using an iFlex, iSesamo, or iPlastix opening tool, all of which feature a steel or plastic blade and a “no-slip grip” handle to effortlessly pop open the back of your device for easy installation.

Use one of our screw assortment mats for $4.95 to keep all the tiny screws in place perfectly while you replace your battery. Don’t be worried by this daunting task, iDemiGods has all the tools to make sure replacing your battery will create a better life for both you and your device.

After completing your iPad 4 battery replacement, make sure all the other parts of your iPad are up to date. If not, we offer everything from volume and power button replacements to full LCD glass iPad screen replacements.

We also offer iPad replacement parts for iPad Air 1st gen, iPad Mini 1st gen, iPad 3, iPad 1st gen, and Retina parts for iPad Mini 2. All these parts are able to solve problems such as battery, dock connector assembly, headphone jack assembly, and other repair problems you may run into with an Apple tablet.

For more information about iPhone 7 Plus Parts and iPhone 5 Parts Please visit – Idemigods.