OnePlus 5T Oreo Update

OnePlus 5T Oreo Update

With the launch of the OnePlus 5T older phones are dead, but none of OnePlus’s phone will get project Treble(OnePlus 5T Oreo Update).

As the OnePlus 5T is launched,  this release makes the end of support from One Plus to the OnePlus 5 as it has been until now even though, the update of the android 8.1 Oreo is confirmed by OnePlus for its 3/3t and 5/5t.

If you are the person who wants top-end phones like the Google Pixel 2 XL or iPhone’s  but don’t have that much money to buy those and want something like that, in the lower price section, buy clomid in uk the OnePlus 5T is a great option for you, not even considering it’s high end specs, it now has something that it’s older counterparts didn’t have and one which competes with other 800$ phones, and the all metal phone is also a plus as there are less and less phones seen these days which don’t have an all glass or partial-glass body.

But there’s a downside too, the bad go OnePlus support, there’s no water proofing and there’s no wireless charging too.

One of the biggest downside of the new flagships from OnePlus is that it will not support Project Treble,  recently there was an AMA on the OnePlus forums, and there staff member Adam Krisko cleared up some doubts regarding the OnePlus 5T’s upgrade’s and all, there people were given a firm ‘no’ from the company regarding project treble’s support on the OnePlus 5T. Project Treble is one of google’s projects which would modularize the android O.S. It works by separating the OS code from the vendor code. This would allow vendors like Samsung or LG to push core OS updates to its phones without re-optimizing its own code.

OnePlus 5T Oreo Update | Android 8.1

With a Treble device, you should be able to download Android from Google’s source repository, compile it, and have it run on a Treble device. This is expected to seriously help out the custom ROM community since the standardization would remove a lot of work ROM developers normally have to do.

OnePlus 5T Oreo Update- Project Treble is mandatory for phones shipping with android 8, but it is optional for some of the upgrading one’s like the One plus 5T, while some of the OEM’s are chosing to take it but the OnePlus isn’t one of them. however good the OnePlus 5T may be but the no support of the project Treble could be a deal breaker too, but the number of those people are too small as the  OnePlus 5T is the company’s fastest selling device tool.


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