Pacquiao vs Horn Latest Reviews

Pacquiao vs Horn Latest Reviews
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Who would have guessed, Jeff Horn would leave Suncorp- Stadium as a Champion, he is now WBO welterweight champ. It was a huge-huge entertaining fight on such a big stage of Suncorp stadium.

Though the winning was a bit controversial decision in the history of boxing, Jeff Horn defeats Manny Pacquiao: ‘Ridiculous’ decision blasted by US.

Whatever happened in the boxing fight but now it has become the fact- Manny Pacquiao beaten by Horn in one of boxing’s greatest upsets on Sunday. Why?

Actually the win was a bit controversial and that was upsetting to US, fight happened before packed crowed of home town at suncorp stadium. The three judges had these scores  117-111, 115-113, 115-113 in Horn’s favour  and after the fight was over Horn said, “I’ve just believed since I was very young that I could do this,” and he further added that this was not the best moment of his life, the best moment is yet to come.

Pacquiao vs Horn Latest Reviews | Jeff Horn stuns Manny Pacquiuao in WBO welterweight world title fight | Latest Reviews ( the Guardian)

The other boxer- Manny Pacquiao accepted judge’s decision but was ready to fight again as he was willing to take revenge of this defeat. Actually Pacquiao didn’t expect Horn to be that much tough, though he accepted the decision. And trainer of Pacquiao told that Horn might not last three rounds, but Horn had decided his own destiny and proved himself before millions of audience, Horn stood in the ring for full 12 rounds with number one boxer of all time and ended the fight as a champion.


In fact the fight was so amazing to watch that you can watch it again & again, thousand time. Of course it was entertainingas well and result was mesmerizing for the world.

Yes, its official Jeff Horn is new Hero of Boxing, what say? guys, leave your opinion in the comment and let the world know what you think about Pacquiao vs Horn Latest Reviews.

Pacquiao vs Horn Latest Reviews
Pacquiao vs Horn Latest Reviews


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