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Technology 2018

It is 2018, we have already seen AI, Robot – Sophia and more advanced technologies that have been developed so far. What would be the next? Any idea? (looking for new cars?) Aren’t you afraid of any new inventions or tech? Well ! You should rather be, because the time...

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Guest Blogging for Beginners

It is the best guide platform for guest blogging or posting, perhaps if you are a tech guy or looking for better seo results from blogging, you should read this. let’s understand “how to start guest blogging or posting as a beginner?” for free- Is there a trick to get...

MultCloud New Version 4.5 Reviews 0

MultCloud New Version 4.5 Review

MultCloud is a free web based app, it can help you to transfer or sync files between different cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, box, pCloud, WebDav, FTP server, etc, with a single application. It also allows multiple cloud users to manage all their online files from a single...

Top 10 Ways to fix a slow Windows PC 0

Top 10 Ways to fix a slow Windows PC

how to fix slow Windows PC – if you are working on a project and your PC is working very slow you are going to lose it, right? But what to do, “I am not a technical guy” do you feel the same? Okay! lets get into it, here we...

Importance of Artificial intelligence 1

Importance of Artificial intelligence in Our Life

Artificial intelligence also stands for AI. Whether natural intelligence (NI) is displayed by human beings or animals, artificial intelligence is displayed by machine. This is why it is also known as MI or machine intelligence.  In the territory of computer science, the research of MI is known as the study...

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