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Samsung's Note 8

Viagra online shop erfahrung, Ordering viagra online in australia

The dream of the phablet is now real, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is here, available on pre-orders as it has for 15 September. It happened on Thursday in NYC and the company drew huge attention to its a powerful smartphone with dual camera & newest S Pen stylus which makes it different from other Galaxy S8 phones.

Actually the ‘note’ line introduced a very new category- ‘Phablet’ and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has all of it, a perfect display in a powerful device.  The company has given the best Phablet in terms of screen along with a better balance between usability & screen,  and important to mention that the phone is better in handling and weight is just some ounce.

Note 8 is available along with S Pen is a big factor in full filling a vision that Samsung had & stuck with, even people might have found it unique. Here are some highlights

  • Camera is coming with live focus feature
  • It uses both the cameras in order to stimulate the depth effect
  • Its a result of Phablet success

In fact I have spend very less time with Galaxy Note 8, but what I really felt so far has me curious to take it for a long spin. For taking a new experience, however, it is the best in the smart phone series of Samsung.