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Learn WordPress

Buy viagra free shipping - Can i get viagra free on the nhs

Buy viagra free shipping - Can i get viagra free on the nhs

 Learn WordPress: WordPress is a free web software that is used to create attractive websites, blogs, and many apps. If you are really interested to know each and everything about WordPress, you are in the right place.

There is a simple guide to help you learn WordPress development within a week. This is not only for those who are well aware with WordPress instructions. But also for beginners who are new to websites designing.

 Learn WordPress
Learn WordPress

There are many people who are afraid to code but want to create websites. Don’t worry, we are here to help you to set up a site with advanced functionalities. You can even become a good WordPress site or plugin developer. All you need to do is to read and follow all the steps and guidelines mentioned here carefully.

Why Should You Learn WordPress?

WordPress is the leading open source content management system(CMS) that allows you to build beautiful websites.

Do you know what around 22% of all websites are powered by WordPress? Not only this, it is the best way to generate thousands of job opportunities worldwide. There are millions of people who are making money through it.

Other than these economic opportunities, people can share their stories and ideas in an innovative manner by promoting their products and services.

This platform is simple to use. It has both paid and free themes and templates to build websites. Let’s have a look on its features.

WordPress Features

  • Built-In SEO
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Multiple Page Styles
  • Auto Upgrade and Support
  • Plenty of Widgets
  • Theme Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Retina-Display Ready
  • Standards Compliant Coding
  • Design Bundles

WordPress Codex, WordPress TV and Make WordPress Core

WordPress Codex is also known as WordPress bible that contains almost everything that one needs to know about WP. It is a tool from where you can find out information in detail than you can expect it to provide. From working with themes and writing plugins to put efforts into core development, there is each and every info into it.

 Learn WordPress step by step
Learn WordPress step by step

Now if you are a visual learner then WordPress TV can be a bit helpful. It is because it contains an entire presentation which is recorded an hour to an hour at WordCamps organized worldwide.

Latest Learn WordPress step by step
Latest Learn WordPress step by step

What if you are interested to contribute to the core then you can refer to WordPress Core. It is the official blog of the core development team for WP.

What Is a WordPress Theme?

A group of files that governs the outlook of the content on your website together called as a WordPress Theme. WordPress themes play a vital role to drive the success of the platform. Using these themes, users can quickly change the look and work of their website.

What Are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress themes are applauded by WordPress plugins only. WordPress Themes control outlook but WordPress plugins manage its functionality.

Free vs Premium WordPress Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins available being categorized into premium or paid WordPress plugins. Now the question arises why would you want to pay for the plugin.

Two reasons behind it:

  • Though there are thousands of plugins available at free of cost from the plugin directory. But the paid plugins offer a full-time support staff and developers. This staff maintains the security and compatibility of plugins keeping in mind the latest version of WordPress themes.
  • No doubt that these plugins perform well with the root of WordPress as well as other plugins. But sometimes it happens that one plugin code overlaps will another plugin. It results in the compatibility issues. With a paid plugin, you get complete support staff in case if anything goes wrong.

WordPress plugin development tutorials

How to Build Your First Theme?

Learn WordPress Theme development

WordPress themes supervise the look of your website. You can install and customize themes which are pre-made templates for your site. Free themes can be easily downloaded from the WordPress Themes directory.

  • Designing WordPress Themes: Are you excited to build your first theme for your website. But before building a WordPress theme, there is a need to design it properly. In our WordPress design tutorials, all the fundamentals of WordPress theme design have been discussed. Not only this, from the smallest widget to the largest one and even the most complex page, you need to think about the design considerations too.
  • Building on a Foundation: You may be worried if you are building a theme for the first time. It may require a strong foundation. There are the two courses that cover how to build a theme using different foundations. These are:
  1. Bootstrap: Bootstrap is a framework which is designed to help you to develop responsive mobile projects on the internet.
  2. Underscores: Underscores is a starter theme designed helpful for WordPress theme creation.

How to Customize WordPress?

Using the WordPress Customizer

Using the inbuilt customizer, you can easily customize any WP theme. But first, you need to understand this tool used for custom WordPress development.

You can access the customizer in the admin section. Go to Appearance>Themes>Customize. Here you can modify your selected theme. Keep it in your mind that you can do only that much with this tool that theme developers have put into its functionality.

By clicking on Colors, you can change the color theme. In the Site Identity tab, you can also change the site logo. Above this, you can even preview your website in different modes like desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Using custom CSS

If you are new to WP, you must start with the Custom CSS connected with Jetpack Plugin. You can write customized style sheets.

You can access this in Appearance> Edit CSS.  Then you can directly access the Advanced CSS editor in case you are familiar with this. It enables you to implement it across devices, desktop and mobile too.

There is a great step-by-step guide offered by PressCoders to help you with how to customize a WordPress Theme.

Hosting and Backup Solutions

If you want your site to run smoothly without any disturbance then it becomes important to choose a good web host. What do you think? Is it easy to choose an appropriate one from among thousands of web hosts?

Managing WP hosting is really more and more popular because new competitors keep entering the space. An up-to-date guide is offered by WP Kube in order to host in 9 Best Options for Managed WordPress Hosting.

Backup solutions are also provided by some hosts. But if you can manage it on your own then Snapshot by WPMU DEV can serve you for scheduling backups.

5 Backup Solutions for WordPress Multisite Networks

SEO and Optimization

Have you ever heard about Moz? Moz offers a useful SEO Beginners Guide that will tell you everything you need to know about SEO. It includes search engine marketing, keyword search and measuring and tracking success.

If you want to increase the ranking of your site, you must optimize your site. 5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site provides you some basic ideas.

Bottom Line

Learning WordPress is like giving your precious time investment to create websites and blogs as per your needs. We hope that this article helped you to learn a lot about how to work on WordPress.

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Simple And Easy Guide To Learn WordPress Within A Week

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Are You interested in making attractive websites using WordPress but don’t know how to use it? Here are basic and easy guidelines about WP to help you to build websites and earn money and fame.

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