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Social Wall for Events – What is it and How to Use it?

differentiate permethrin cream uk In this techno-friendly environment, social walls are a small but very influencing gift from technology and social media jointly. Be it then events, parties, summits, commercial meet-ups, or conferences, no matter with what purposes they are held, they all somehow rely on technology and social media both again. 

where can i buy furosemide in the philippines Before pitching into the ways and methods to use social wall in events, this would be worth thinking about why and how social media and social walls both are important for events? Because for those who are not familiar with the technology-based eCommerce dominant world, it would be comprehensible to understand this.

How social media and social walls both are important for events?

social wall

Today, every business, brand, or individual has its presence on social media and uploads one post per day on an average. Be it about daily life or something else.

Hashtags, tags, locations, keywords, and mentions are very common attributes that almost every next person has an idea about how and where to use them.

However, in a certain period of time, a heap of such posts takes the shape of a feed and we the social media people call it a user-generated feed or a UGC feed. 

The importance of social media comes out when someone needs to showcase its social presence to its audience. When a brand wants to display its global reach and build social trust in an audience through that event. 

Now, all that requires a social wall for the representation of user-generated content and here now, the social wall becomes important. Therefore, let us try to understand very shortly about the social walls and then we’ll proceed towards the process of deploying a social wall in an event.

What are ‘Social walls’?

Social walls are nothing but just the display screens of social media content that requires a social media aggregation tool to aggregate the content and need some sort of technology like HDMI cable or wireless solutions to display it digitally on the big screens.

How to use Social wall in events?

The basic concept behind all this is of showcasing the global level of social presence to the audience. Be it now through social walls or other display solutions like digital signage including Screencloud, Mvix, Enplug, Novisign, Scala, Signagelive, etc.

UGC feed is first aggregated and then curated with the help of a social media aggregation tool by choosing hashtags, tags, keywords, or mentions, user board, channel URL, or any page name for any social media network including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or even Youtube.

Once the content is aggregated, a wall within that aggregation tool is then moderated for further use with the help of profanity filters, which allows restricting the inappropriate content to get displayed on the social wall.

The described process is the general storyline for a social wall and its relation to social media.

Let us now put some light on the benefits of having social walls in events because these social walls are helpful in not only one or two ways but in a handful of ways-

  • Firstly, these social walls are helpful for an individual who is looking for social recognition. For example, it is helpful for an organizer in making his event engaging and memorable to the audience.

By deploying a social media wall in an event, the event organizer would not only benefit the audience but himself as well by grabbing the attention of upcoming event seekers. 

  • It is helpful for the brands who have their social media presence.

E-commerce brands especially are the most beneficial brands in the case of social walls. Reportedly today, there is more than 80 percent of global eCommerce brands have their presence on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter only.

Thus, if the UGC related to any particular brand is displayed in an event, it would be highly engaging for the brand especially due to such a vogue representation of its global presence.

  • It is helpful for the sponsors in raising their engagements by providing them a magnified online promotion on big screens.
  • It is helpful for the commercial events itself in making them engaging and happening. As the organizer can display the live online or offline activities of events on social walls to engage more and more audience with the event.
  • Not only at a local level, but social walls are capable of engaging the audience at a global level as well by displaying the online social media activities like Q&A sessions, Polls, and Live videos on it.

Hashtag campaigns like #Howdymodi are the most common examples for its global range. conclude Final words

Social media and Social walls both are key-role attributes for any event. No matter what level of an event it is, the social walls can not only help the organizer in making the event successful but also helps the entire population that connects to the event with the help of technology and social media content aggregation tools like Taggbox, which is capable of doing every possible thing written in this article.

In case you are an event organizer, or any way seeking for an event, you should not delay and extract put as many advantages as possible from the social media aggregation tools and the sources of technology we have today.