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Static cling stickers | What happens when you opt for regular stickers for your store windows? The most common problem with stickers and window decals is they have adhesive on one side. So when you try to remove them, bits and pieces of the paper tear off and stick to the substrate. Removing and cleaning regular stickers is not just messy, it is time-consuming as well. However, that is not the most annoying part. Most businesses order several pieces of the same sticker ad since they might position it wrongly during the first try. Removing and replacing conventional adhesive-based stickers is no easy job.

Entrepreneurs and store managers often seek solutions that are amicable to replacement and removal. Stickers that come off with one tug and they can reapply it whenever the offer is back. That is why modern signage offers static cling stickers. These are adhesive-free, and they do not create a mess when you are trying to peel them off the glass. The material is similar to traditional sticker types. Most signage companies go with vinyl for printing these static cling stickers. In spite of the lack of a glued-back, they stick to flush and glossy surfaces. Therefore, once you complete sticking them on, there will be no requirement of additional cleanup. What is the secret behind the popularity of static cling vinyl signs?

Static cling stickers are ideal for temporary advertisements. They offer a stress-free solution to business signage. One of the most significant advantages of using static cling technology for your business signage is the expansive placement options. You can use them for your store window, home window, dry-erase boards and promotional vehicles. No more residual stickiness after you remove the decals off the vehicle surface or flexible glass substrate. They help your business save a lot on reprinting, maintenance, and cleanup services. You can use your vehicle for promotional purposes. When you go on a marketing tour, put on these stickers, and when you want to go incognito, peel them off. Store them in the trunk of your car until next time.

Traditional vinyl stickers for businesses and storefronts have adhesive on one side and the print on the other. Therefore, most companies use two copies of the same print to stick back-to-back on either side of their windows. The one facing the outside always takes a steady beating from the direct sunlight, rain, and drought. The weather is much faster than the stickers on the inner side of the window. These static cling stickers are “adhesive” on the side without any ink. Multiple businesses choose to reverse-print the message on the vinyl so they can stick the ink-free side on the glass. That way the sticker stays on the inside, away from direct sunlight and rains. Static cling is one of the best options for temporary signage if you want to use them seasonally for special offers and sales.

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Apart from store windows and car windows, you can use the static cling signage on mirrors, glasses, bottles, and countertops. They are perfect for indoor application. The back-adhesive sticker is ideal for these uses. The face of the sticker remains in the open, but the wear and tear indoors are much lesser than it is on the outside. In the event of new sponsorships or rebranding, you can peel the stickers off and apply new ones without creating a goopy mess. The bright printed labels ensure smooth application, removal and convey a clear message. They are not suitable for window usage since the clarity is a little lower than opaque stickers. The latter variant has a white or colored back that makes the content pop. Transparent labels do not have that advantage.

Businesses often need something more customized. Sometimes, they want their messages to be visible on both sides. Traditional signage can work in this case, but you would have to apply the same sign twice – once on the inside and once on the outside. A sandwich print static-cling sticker can reduce the load of work. In this case, the background is white, and that makes the sticker opaque. If you want the image on the sticker to be visible from both sides, the cling film needs to be printed thrice – in color, then, in white and then, in color. That is the reason it is famous as sandwich static cling signage. It is ideal for texts and images, and several leading brands use these daily for increasing their visibility from the inside-out. How long can you use one? Tech Reviews of static cling stickers

You might want to go with window decals that stick to the outside. They are more visible since they use opaque backs and are cheaper than sandwich-static-cling-stickers. Nonetheless, it is natural for you to worry about their longevity and endurance. Especially, storefronts that take a lot of sunlight or experience open wind resistance fear about their signage budget. The only way to circumvent this challenge is choosing companies that offer UV-resistant ink. Solvent-based UV-resistant inks help with keeping the print vibrant and new for an extended period. In fact, some businesses use the same signage for five long years without experiencing any fading or wear.

The regular vinyl window static cling material has a lifespan of about two years upon daily use. You must remember that static cling paper does not use adhesive, but the moisture in the air. Therefore, it is common to find older stickers slipping off or bubbling in places in hard cold or dry weather. While not in use, you need to store them very carefully inside the wax paper. Dust and debris buildup will result in diminishing “adhesive” nature. Always clean them before storing and keep the static-cling or adhering side towards the wax paper. Roll them gently. You do not want to crease them since sharp creases can allow entry of air bubbles and reduce the cling.

How to install a large static cling sing on your shop window? static cling stickers

Application of these stickers is rather straightforward. You do not need to worry about getting glue on everything or creating visible marks on the glass. In fact, you can pick any flush surface for adhesion. The easiest way to install larger than life static cling vinyl is by using a squeegee and some mild soapy water. Make sure that the water-soap solution is about 99% water and 1% soap.

  • First, clean the surface thoroughly to remove dust and larger dirt particles. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Then, measure the sides of the window or surface. You can use a measuring tape and a level. When the print is large, you do not want to mess up the sides. Application of cling vinyl might be easier than regular vinyl stickers, but taking a sizeable static cling after installation will take some effort. To save yourself some precious time and muscle work, measure the level correctly beforehand.
  • You should get some masking tape for this step. Once the surface is clean and you have measured the potential distance of the edges from all sides, you should be able to hold the poster up using masking tape (the traditional style). We have done this a lot during our childhood and high school days. So this should not be any different, except the placement of the printed side will depend upon your choice of the static cling variant.
  • Spray a little amount of soapy water on the surface again, remove the masking tape and remove the protective paper. Work from top to bottom. Remove the top masking tape, then the ones on the sides and finally, the bottom one, as you remove the paper on the back. Lay the cling side on the sprayed surface directly and use the squeegee to squeeze the air bubbles out gently. Always move from the center to the sides. Make sure no bubbles are remaining. Do not spray too much water on the inner side (surface), which will reduce the static.
  • You should spray a little solution on the back to keep the squeegee motion smooth. It helps in lubrication. Do not worry about the print since it is UV-proof and Weather-proof unless you have specified otherwise. Squeegee all over the signage to ensure that it is sticking correctly. Do not throw away the protective back paper. You will need it later when you want to stow the sign away.
  • If you notice large air bubbles, remove the sticker and gently squeeze the bubbles out from inside to the outer edges. The removable nature of the static cling vinyl signage makes it super easy to install without the intervention of professional signage experts.
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The dimensions of your business signage can vary from 1 inch by 1-inch to 1-meter by 1-meter. The power of static does not depend on the size of the signage. Small business-card like stickers work just as well as standard poster-sized adverts and full-size vinyl banner ads. This technology uses the clinging nature of static electricity between the surfaces for adhesion. There is no question of using glues, scotch tapes or board pins to stick these fantastic signs.


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