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ARMi - Staunton Media Lab

Buy brand viagra 100mg - Buy mens viagra

This amazing technology, ARMi was showed on Kickstarter on September 1- ARMi is a new technology for disabled, its Assistive technology Arm, and as it has been introduced on Kickstarter; it requires 500 units to be full filled otherwise

Buy brand viagra 100mg - Buy mens viagra

Isn’t it cool- Staunton Media Lab Unveils ARMi Assistive Technology Arm

Full form of ARMi- Advanced Recreational media interface, is supper high tech mechanical arm that gives us “hands free” use of smart phones, pc, and other tech devices. It holds many useful tools like- mirror, a magnifying glass along with a magnetic plate, everything for disabled person.

ARMi Assistive Technology Arm | Who are going to use it? Reviews

  • Students
  • Merchants / Engineers
  • Mostly Disabled persons
  • Office workers
  • streamers
  • Power Company
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Broadcasters
  • Cooks
  • C rafters
  • Blinds or Physically weak persons

It was intentionally developed for blind persons so they can read documents, actually previously the tools used by blind readers were very much costly, therefore this was designed to help them economically.

Using ARMi, smartphone can read documents loud and clear, so blind or disable person can be a reader without much help from any other person. ARMi is out there with three easy to handle goose neck arms that can move in any particular direction. And of course it can be used by artist or video artists, as it has multiple arms that can be used for focusing, moving forward and backward without any dis balance.

ARMi can only be available for sale on Amazon and for now it is only available on kickstarter in just $69 and later on it might cost you $99, that is not big amount, as it is much comparable with the prices of any smart phones.  This amazing tech tool was built by Staunton Media Lab  under a program for blinds, disabled persons, and for more you can study its details on wiki, in fact this Lab has won many recognition  from Virginia.

ARMi - Staunton Media Lab
Staunton Media Lab

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