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Duracable has Quality Supplies for Less

To run a successful drain cleaning business, you need to have equipment that you can rely on. Too often the choice when purchasing tools and supplies is between buying high-quality supplies at insane prices and buying affordable supplies that are cheaply constructed. Duracable Manufacturing is here to offer a third option. We manufacture drain cleaning […]

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Find Cheap Drain Snakes and More from Duracable

Being in the plumbing business requires hard work and durable equipment that doesn’t fail when the heat is on. After all, you don’t flinch when things get dirty, so why should your equipment? Not only do you need tough, proven quality equipment like drain snakes, drain knives and drain machines to tie everything together, but […]

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Duracable Has the Drain Snake Machines for Your Business

The invention of the Drain Snake Machine changed the way we have cleared pipes since 1933. Before the inception of the first machines from Roto-Rooter, clogged pipes beyond the reach of plumbers had to be excavated and manually cleaned. Once the first machines became commercially available, enterprising individuals across the country started to open up professional […]

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