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Why You Should Buy iPhone 6S Battery Replacements from Anyone but Apple

Last year, to the surprise of relatively few people, we discovered that Apple’s iPhones are designed to slow down as their batteries get older. Anyone who’s owned an iPhone for a year or so already knows this of course – older iPhones like the 6S need to be charged far more often, and they just […]

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When It’s Time to Buy a New iPhone Battery

In today’s world, we use our phones for so many small tasks that it can sometimes take a toll on the device over time. Inevitably, a device will lose its shine and luster and start to fade in quality. Even then, we may look at our phones and like the familiarity or comfort it gives […]

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Why You Should Replace iPhone Parts

Everywhere we go, we rely on our phones for everything from information to entertainment to news to shopping and everything in between. We use our phones to get directions, to buy that new song we heard on the radio, to look up information or a review on a product we are about to buy or […]

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