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The initial question that pops up right in your mind is why UX design is such a big issue these days. If you ever get the chance to scroll down the design job board, the money you will see that a proficient UX designer gets is enough to help you know the answer to this […]

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Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Business Growth

The modern era is all about digitalization and digital transformation. Every other field of life includes digital platforms and usage of different products without which the actions seems to be incomplete and unfinished. Same is the case with the corporate world and businesses providing ecommerce solutions. However, even the digitalization has gone to a higher […]

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Latest Mobile Phones: The Last of 4G and the First of 5G

4G isn’t disappearing any time soon, but within a year, many will have made the quantum leap to gigabit cellular bandwidth. Let’s start this one off by pointing out that you don’t need 5G right now, and given cost projections of 5G modems in addition to the history lesson that 4G taught us a decade […]

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OnePlus 6 has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage

Wait is over, soon you are going to be the one having OnePlus 6, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, into your hands. New flagship by OnePlus – OnePlus 6, doesn’t have a launch date yet but thanks to the post made by CEO – Pete Lau, we could know features, specs and reviews of […]

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Latest Top 5 Games 2016

Gamer love this, why? Know it yourself. Recently in 2016 many awesome games have been launched and Doom is one of them with awesome and catchy graphics. You can play this game as a first person’s perspective, and in this a player showing a role of a nameless marine, and this game gets faster pace […]

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