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Tesla Solar Roof pre-orders, gives you answers to the most important question: how much will it cost you?

Best online pharmacy uk viagra, Order viagra from canada

Tesla introduced a very new project of Solar tiles for roof top, in October last year. Tesla’s solar roof tiles would look no different from the traditional roof tiles, but may be little shinier. But the question that we should ask, How much would it cost?

It is for sure, different homes have different roof sizes and their basic needs are different and you can’t answer a concrete price for your solar roof top. Expensive thought, it is worth using Tesla’s solar tiles, you should understand how it can save you money & environment as well.

  • Like traditional roof tiles; Tesla’s solar tiles are no so much different from other roof tiles, you can use them as per your favorite designs.
  • Cost of Tesla’s solar tiles is not fix, depends upon your roof structure and the location of your house as well, because taxes and other expenses varies from location to location.

Tesla has a tough competition from google’s project ‘sunroof’, it basically uses 3D mapping to tell you how much your roof structure can generate energy. Read more reviews…


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