Fight between Kapil & Sunil may shut down The Kapil Sharma Show

Currently all over the media there is a racket over the spat that took place between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover (Dr Mashhoor Gulati famed actor) in some flight. The media is taking over the event as if they are the whole and sole judges of all that happens in any remote corner of the world. The social media is divided between the Kapil supporters and those who got a chance to speak out against Kapil Sharma.

Why this Kolaveri over the Kapil – Grover spat !

If we look at it from an unbiased perspective we can see that whatever happened was between the two of them. When some people work together they have some boiling egos that clash and at times it bursts out in some form or the other. If Kapil has said something wrong to Sunil then he also had the guts to come forward on the social platform and apologise in front of everyone. Why is there a need to start judging him and opiniating that he cannot handle his success or he is arrogant or blah or blah or blah! He is as human as much as we all are and is bound to err. He erred and he apologised. And that error was not at all equal to a murder as some people are seen to be pointing out. Moreover, we all have heard the saying that goes “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Even Sunil Grover shouldn’t forget the fact that his amazing talent could have been lost behind the others in the comedy show that he was a part of. He was not given much value there, but Kapil saw his talent and provided him a stage where he came to be recognized by all. Both of these guys have immense talent and their success depends upon their team work.

The Kapil Sharma Show

Grover has already tried a TV show which was a big flop among the audience. Talent goes hand in hand with the way of presentation. So let’s all stop making an issue out of what happened in some flight back from Australia and hope that this all is an April Fool’s Day prank on which they all are going to laugh out loud and some of us might feel remorse upon our judgements.


Ritika Singh

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