The New and Rich Tradition of Digital Signage in The Food Industry

Digital signage is not just the niche of the rich and famous anymore. Restaurants and cafes are slowly adopting digital signs as their preferred mode of marketing. Electronic marketing media like signage are not only cost effective; they are also easy to modulate according to specific needs. They offer a robust platform for marketing communication. Restaurants can update their menus, offers and happy hours throughout the day without printing out thousands of different menu boards. A single digital sign is enough to talk about all your establishment has to offer. Help in quick decision making

You can place your out-of-home signage outside. It is beneficial in case of drive-thrus. People can see the items, their prices and even special offers on the menu board before they reach the window. It can save much time when it comes to placing orders and clearing payment. Putting OOH adverts outside can also attract added traffic with their flashing lights and relevant information.

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A common problem we see at mall food courts and food joints is lack of clear communication about the order. Digital signage can easily update the order items. Displaying the customer’s order on screen removes all kinds of confusion. Both parties can see the order, quantity, and price. You can also show tax calculation on-screen to make the process much easier for the customer to understand. Customers will always have an idea about wait time, and they will always know when their order is ready! Keep your patrons occupied

Displaying helpline numbers, website addresses, and telephone order numbers can also help secure positive customer feedback and review. It works best in the queue areas. Display boards can contain relevant information including average wait time and the best item on the menu. In fact, displaying the most profitable items in the queue area always helps in upselling.

Keep your diners entertained

Menu boards in the central dining area are a new development for many restaurants. Menu boards can display a myriad of items including the dishes of the day, chef’s specials and delectable images straight from the kitchen. Studies show that attractive pictures of food help to stimulate hunger and people usually end up ordering more when drool-worthy images of food tease their senses.

Expand your services

Screens in the dining room are always the best way to entertain your diners. From interesting cooking trivia to the exclusive journey of your restaurant, you can indulge in curating a lot of promotional material for your electronic display. In fact, we have seen restaurants attract an exclusive corporate clientele by renting the first-grade digital screens out during the graveyard shifts.

You can expand the possibilities by simply adding karaoke features to the digital screens and hosting trivia nights at your restaurant. Interactive sessions with the right incentives can quickly make your restaurant a hit among the patrons. Special children’s nights are also quite interesting with lively digital signage options.

Help train your staff better

More importantly, you can always use your digital signs to train your staff. You will save a lot of money doing so, and your team will gather as much information about services as they shuttle back and forth between stations. During break hours you can play educational videos and presentations that can help them perform better. You can use the displays to showcase their targets. It will also provide them the necessary incentives for outperforming themselves.

People tend to order more at digitized kiosks

McDonald’s has been leading the way for digital signage adopters for quite some time now. With digital booths and touchscreen ordering facilities, they have increased their throughput. It has made their service in the digitized locations much faster. Having electronic records in correspondence with the electronic display systems helps the businesses serve their customers meticulously.

New studies at these digitized kiosks show that people feel more comfortable with digital ordering systems. They take their time to browse through the entire menu and place the order. As a result, they include more items in a single order. It is so much easier to upsell any overstocked item on a day using digital menu boards and digital signboards. It saves a lot of effort on behalf of your staff, and the added images act as a live advertisement to your diners.

Digital signage can help you stay updated with the new trends

As per the new rules of the FDA, restaurants need to disclose all kinds of nutritional information to their possible customers. Now, people who are more health conscious are likely to eat at restaurants that display the calorie counts in their dishes. Sometimes, people specifically want to know about the kinds of oil used or the policy of nut usage in the kitchen due to the fear of allergies. Therefore, having display units inside or right outside your restaurants that spell out the nutritional components often attract more customers who like to know what they are eating. It is a step towards creating food awareness, and it is indeed essential in this edge of cutthroat competition among restaurants.

Digital menus and signage are the best tools for engaging customers. They facilitate customer’s interaction with the management and the service staff. Digital boards with touchscreen features can help in better management by digitizing the order placement and payment processes. They are much more accurate than human servers and waiters in noting down elaborate orders with special requests and faster in processing the bill and accepting payment. For this, of course, you will need cloud connectivity and web connectivity. However, coupling digital signage with restaurant management and menu management is one of the most rewarding upgrades of this decade for all restaurant and food-oriented businesses.


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