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The revolution of the Hoverboards

A hoverboard also called an electric unicycle, scoter balance or autonomous balance scoter is a mobile device that became popular in the US in 2015. Many say it was the evolution of “skate” of the moment.

True, that created such a boom that today in Spain is a gadget for many essential when it comes to moving. It is already considered a transport technological gadget! However, many also call it the electric skateboard.

A  Hoverboard is considered a plastic board placed on two wheels where the user has to maintain balance on it. In this, we find some sensors that allow tilting the feet forward or behind getting the movement of it.

These electric vehicles, as the word itself, says, work by electric power offering, depending on the model, between 15 and 20 km of autonomy. They are easy to load, it will only take you from 1 to 2 hours in a conventional electrical outlet. So, you only have to try it and join the Hover board’s community.


Why have the Hoverboards become so fashionable?

  1. For its mobility: Moving with a hoverboard for kids is the most comfortable, light and fast that exists. In the cities, it has been a complete revolution since the transfers can be carried out autonomously and simply.
  2. For its fun: Because it does not stop being an activity that produces adrenaline and fun in people. It has become a means of transportation for people.

Do not have your Hoverboard yet?

In SUBWAY we have a wide range of hoverboards so you can drive on the street with the model that you like the most. In addition, there is the option to choose between a very wide range of colors. You can even vinyl it by personalizing it even more! More than 12 colors are waiting for you in our online store!

All our Hover boards go with their transport bag, Bluetooth, battery and control included. We have a 24h national technical service. So if something happens to your hoverboard you can repair it without any problem.

Do not waste time or money. Invest in something that will be a revolution for you. At SUBWAY we always think of fun.