Top-10 Tech bloggers | technology

Top 10 tech blogger

want to start your new blog, is it about technology?

Yes, then you should have a look at these Top-10 Tech bloggers where reviews of latest technology can be read in details. And the best way to get ideas about newest technology launched in the world is search more and more so you may find the best one out of these blogs.

Top-10 Tech bloggers | technology

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Mashable
  3. engadget
  4. Gizmodo
  5. Readwrite
  6. Boing -Boing
  7. Slashdot
  8. Sketter Tech
  9. Silicon Beat
  10. LTR magazine

In fact you would wonder why Mashable is on the second number even if it has everything that is there on google, it is because of backlinks. Yes, see TechCrunch has more number of quality backlinks linking to its site and helping it to get more google traffic.

Why do you want to read tech blogs?

  1. If you just want to get knowledge about latest tech & trends then its good to start from any of these Top-10 Tech bloggers, as all of them specially first 5 has huge content on any thing you like. And reading these blogs may give you goosebumps as well, it is because these blogs have technology reviews that you might have never seen or read anywhere else on the internet.
  2. If you want to start you tech blog, is that what you are going to do?
    Answer: yes, then read more…
    perhaps it istough to beat the popularity of these tech bloggers, or I should say it is almost impossible to outrank the traffic which these tech bloggers are getting. But if you still have interest in writing about tech & trends, we wish you good luck! and of course we can help you in this, how?lets read more and find how to start tech blog and get number one rank in Google?

Technology has no limit but if you are going to share huge & detailed knowledge about the latest one, of course you content must be original one, and in the beginning your consistency matters a lot.

So, You are ready?


Follow these steps to start tech blog and get number one rank in Google–

Trust me, there is not any short cut to get number rank in google so do detailed search for you niche. and read these Top 10 tech blogger and understand why they are famous for the niche- Tech reviews. Second you should be very thorough about the topic  you choose. ..

  • Have Laser focus at one topic, in fact technology has vast area and you can’t be thorough at every technology in the world. So it is better to select particular part of technology under your niche and search some topics related to that niche, and gather some topics before you actually start writing.
  • Post consistently : yes consistency grabs more audience and helps you in getting good rank in Google
  • content is the King: So it is very important that whatever you post must be helping people in some way or other.
  • Your post should be problem solving, even biggest brands or companies out there haven’t become what they are today without solving big problems. And google gives better ranks to the brands for same type of articles or blog posts, so you need to work for creating a brand about that tech blog, this will give you genuine traffic from google.
  • Avoid copying content from other blogs, even if you modify the content your audience will not like it. So it is very important to publish original content, whether it in the form of articles, blog post, images or videos. It should be your own first copy content.
  • Social media: Yes you read that right, Social media like facebook, twitter , instagram, tumbler, youtube etc are very powerful tools out there. You can market or share your content on these social media websites and I can bet on that, “if you have good social media following for your tech blog, you will definitely have good rank in Google as well.”
  • Read our article on “How to get free traffic from social media sites?”
  • Always be responsive, that means if you have started your blog and now you are getting visitor and they are leaving questions for you then never miss this opportunity to engage with them. Reply them, give them your contact details or ask them for further assistence if they need, because if your site is live & up to date and you are keeping an eye on your coming visitors, you are making them comfortable with your content, then they will read you blog posts again and again. Perhaps they can even share it too, on their social media. But of course that depends on the quality of your content, so check every thing before the actual post.
  • Why not collaborate with other tech bloggers?
    is it possible ?

    Yes of course, guest posting & engaging with other tech bloggers is the best way to attract more free traffic related to your niche.
    Don’t worry, we have some solutions for your problem- use these tools to find out emails lists and other details of the audience of your competitors.
    1. Use Alexa
    2. Smrush
    3. Buzz Sumo
    4. ahref
    5. google web master tool
    6. Google analytics

  • Here we have something for you, only if you are starting a tech blog. We have an option of Guest blogging which will help you in seo of your site and you can share your knowledge with the audience we already have.

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