Top 2 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit

Nowadays, most of the entrepreneurs rely on Search Engine Optimization to enhance their digital presence and reach the message of their brands to the potential customers. However, as SEO is a broad term, focusing on all the aspects of SEO while designing the website or optimizing it, is often not possible. But without focusing on the major aspects, you are not able to ensure higher ranks on the popular search engines and beat your competitors. Are you wondering how to understand whether all the SEO aspects are fulfilled while designing and developing your site? An SEO audit can be helpful for you.

An SEO audit refers to the process of analyzing your website based on certain factors which are crucial to the search engines in terms of organic search results. If you want to analyze your website, then you can hire an SEO agency Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. Their SEO experts will check your website as well as take corrective measure if needed. Are you still thinking, why your website needs an SEO audit? Here, we have put together some reasons. Take a look. 1. Identifying your site’s technical issues

A good SEO audit helps to identify the technical issues of a website. Technical SEO helps search engines crawl your website in a better way. A few examples of technical SEO elements which an audit can identify include:

useful content Speed of the website: Google always takes into consideration the loading speed of your website. A fast website means a good user experience. The longer the loading of the website, the more likely your users will bounce. Some things that cause long load time are-

  • Large images
  • Server responsive time
  • Redundant CSS, JavaScript, or HTML code

URL structure and site architecture: In order to maintain a good site architecture, your sire should use subfolders. Moreover, the URLs should be short but descriptive.

Crawlability: It refers to how easily a search engine can crawl your site. And to ensure good crawlability, you should correctly use the robots.txt file, rel=noindex tags and have a dynamic sitemap.

301 and 302 redirects, and 404 errors: Redirects should be very minimal and 404 errors should be non-existent on your website. All these can affect the user experience. So, you should try to fix these issues.

By checking all these things during SEO audit, you can identify the technical issues.

2. Identifying On-page issues

On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimizing web pages to rank higher and earn more traffic. With an SEO audit, you can identify the on-page issues of your website including:

Meta title and descriptions: The meta title should be between 35 to 70 characters and should include the keyword. And the meta description should be under 160 (but it varies), and should include the keyword and a CTA if relevant. An SEO audit helps to check these things.

Headers: The headers work like headlines in the newspaper. The biggest headline tells most about the page and so as the H1 header in the web page. You should make sure that the H1 header is optimized to include the keyword.

Content: As far as SEO goes, make sure the content is keyword centered. But the content should not be overstuffed with the keywords. The keyword should be used in such a way that it seems natural. You can check the quality of the content and the uses of keyword in it, during an SEO audit.

And thus, an SEO audit also helps to identify the on-page issues.

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly hire an Australian SEO company and ask the professionals to audit your website.

official website Author Bio: Alvin Hackney, a popular blogger who is associated with an Australian SEO company, here writes on a few reasons why your website needs an SEO audit. He has also suggested to hire an SEO agency Sydney for this.

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