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Top 5 Best VR options 2017

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Virtual reality in 2017 has two forms, one that comes with your handset and is cheap & affordable while  another requires powerful gaming console or PC along with some space to move around. Basically VR is nothing but a computer generated environment that makes you feel different reality, though it is just a virtual reality. But it makes you feel that you are in there, actually.  And here we are mentioning top 5 best VR options 2017

  • #5 Sony Play station VR
    If you are finding an alternate of expensive Oculus VR then this is the one, it would cost you $400 appox and work as a play station for you. Same as Oculus, this also allows you to grab things, lets you feel objects in you virtual reality world.
  • #4 HTC Vive
    Expensive though, HTC Vive is an ultimate VR experience costing around $800, in fact this VR lets you even touch virtual objects and you can walk around the room so as to feel adventure.
  • #3 Oculus Rift
    If you want to escape into a new world, Virtual reality is the best way to do that. But the danger is that you can’t see any thing else, and you are tempted to move around, spin your head so you might risk your health and you may tangle inot the cord of your VR connected with your PC or Game Console.
  • #2 Samsung Gear VR
    This will cost you around $99 but it is worth buying if you already have a samsung smartphone. It is more comfortable to wear than google cardboard and is loaded with built in library & apps. want to use Samsung Gear VR? read these simple tricks and get most out of this VR.If you use any one of the Samsung’s smart phone and haven’t used Gear VR yet, you are missing something. Truly speaking, it will let you enjoy and its experience is exceptional. You can feel, its merely like wearing glasses but due to some nice features of smartphones, like navigation touch pad, confused yet? go through these tips and lets us know how did you feel about it?1. Game pad: If you are a game lover then use Gear VR with good quality Game pad, one because this VR supports some models like- Moga pro power, Samsung EL-GP20, and two it will take you to the next level with your gaming experience.
    2. Sit & Spin : Virtual reality uses a concept of 360 degree views so if you sit & spin your head you would feel more reality into your screen, but take care, you don’t get hit or fall down under gravity.
    You can use rotating chair or somewhere safe while you spin you head and use VR, don’t do it if you start feeling dizzy.
    3.  Go with Head Phone: Virtual Reality is all about your experience and if you are using speaker of your phone only, you are missing something big. Try quality headphone and see what happens to your experience.
    4. Stay away from Calls & messages: You can block the world if you are using VR so you experience may become uninterrupted.
  • #1 Google Cardboard
    Google’s cardboard is cool and inexpensive method to turn your iphone or Android device into VR. It just allow you to enjoy what kind of Virtual reality that you may be missing so far, and if you don’t compare with other expensive VRs then it lets you enjoy VR. want to buy?

top 5 best VR options 2017 Reviews

So this was the technical reviews of some top 5 best VR options 2017, try out them friends because your smartphone is not just to call somebody. You can enjoy a new adventure using your phone only, of course you need to spend some more bucks, but its okay.
There are millions of people out there who don’t like real world and want to live in a fantasy world, and this is your chance to do that.

VR stands for Virtual reality and lets you escape into a world that you like, that you really want to live in, forever. And technology has made it to help you accomplish whatever you want. It is natural that we can’t do everything but to enjoy everything in life VR can get you there.

top 5 best VR options 2017 Technology

Technology used in VR- and how does VR works?; It is nothing but using computer technology to make a simulated 3D environment that a viewer can manipulate & feel as it were in the real world.

  • 3D images, that should appear live to the user and of some life size.
  • Unique ability to capture motion & feeling of the user.

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