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Top ten most watched TV serials in 2016

Friends if you are addicted to TV serials but watch only one or two then you should read our list of top ten most watched TV serials. In the last year of 2016 people were not just addicted to these TV serials but they also helped TV actors to become wealthy also.

You might have thought that movie stars are the only actors with huge followings and social popularity, but after reading this article you would definitely change your mind. We have the list of top ten the most popular TV serials in United state of America where TV serials are watched with equal attention as Hollywood movies.

In fact you would also be amazed by the budget used for producing these TV serials. Let’s read it full and get down to understand why these American TV serials are this much popular.

  1. Game of Thrones by HBO

  2. AMC’s The Walking Dead

  3.  Pretty Little Liars by ABC

  4.  WestWorld by HBO

  5. CBS’s The Big Bang Theory

  6. Netflix’s The OA

  7. Netflix’s Stranger Things

  8. Running Man by Korea

  9. Suits USA

  10. CW’s Arrow



One more ABC’s Quantico which stars Priyanka Chopra, an Indian origin actor, is immensely popular among people in America. Priyanka also got nominations for people’s choice award and later on she won the award as well.



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