Recent Trends In Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

source Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: Data science is one such field where technologies have progressed at a rapid pace. The data science industry has been revolutionized with the introduction of machine learning (ML), which enabled machines and networks to comprehend and classify massive sets of data. One major innovation that has also transformed the world of technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

ML and buy Lyrica AI are two technological concepts, which are frequently used synonymously. However, it is essential to recognise the difference in terms of their core functions as they essentially complement each other.


Globally, the manufacturing of robots has increased from roughly 100,000 in 2000 to 250,000 in 2015! Social scientists and technology enthusiasts often predict that in the coming years, humans will be replaced in the workforce by self-training robots. However, the possibility of this happening remains uncertain. But, if you wish to boost your career and get a competitive edge, undergoing machine learning courses will help you stay updated with the latest progress in technology.

Let’s take a look at the top five trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning that have been prominent in 2018.

In the coming future, most of the labor-intensive tasks done in manufacturing and construction factories will be performed by AI programmed robots and not humans. If we look at the current technological landscape, robots have been a part of our lives for a long time now.

However, with advancements in AI and ML, these robots have become more interactive and adaptable. Every year, we come across brand-new and more exciting robot prototypes. With the introduction of the “droids” (a fictional humanoid possessing remarkable artificial intelligence), we witnessed a remarkable development in the future of robotics.

Thus, robots have become an integral component of our society, and their utilization will help cut down the cost of hiring people and also decrease offshoring and outsourcing.

  • Cloud-Based Intelligence

This intelligence has grown to be an indispensable element of companies today as it offers multiple benefits to the world that is constantly connected digitally. Actually, Cloud-based intelligence has helped companies in ways such as getting rid of the complex hardware to upscale or downscale whenever required, resulting in significant profits for the company.

Artificial Intelligence presents cloud-based intelligence with tremendous potential, as it facilitates machines to think, learn, work, and react just like humans. AI supports machine learning to analyze and interpret from past information, recognize patterns and initiate real-time decisions. The blend of AI, ML, and cloud-based intelligence has brought about a paradigm shift in various industries, especially in the information technology sector.

  • Decision Management In Companies

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence, and organizations such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are already utilizing statistical modelling to assist machines to make informed choices concerning what content to show next. For this model to operate accurately, they need extensive data and necessary computing facility. AI’s systems improve the decision management systems in interpreting customer behaviors and data in predictive patterns of main trends.

The consumer and marketing departments have benefited from this as it helps them customize their applications accordingly to the specific demographics. The industry experts are now focused on designing commercial AI technology concerning decision management systems in three industries mainly financial markets trading, e-commerce, and insurance. This will help companies priorities the technological innovation and take necessary steps to stay ahead of the competition in the market.

  • Behavioral Bio metrics : About “Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning”

Behavioral bio metrics help identify individuals by how they communicate and interact with online applications and mobile devices. Multiples behavioral and physical bio metric technologies such as facial recognition, fingerprint, voice identification etc, have remarkably increased the degree of protection and security of devices. However, behavioral bio metrics still faces certain challenges such as digital-based financial theft crimes and mitigating terrorist activities.

To overcome this, the market has developed a variety of development and research activities to integrate AI with bio metrics. The advanced algorithm of AI processes data rendered by bio metric technology to identify and prevent any suspicious actions to counterfeit physical and cyber threats. AI offers an increased growth opportunity for the behavioral bio metrics, and assists in maintaining an optimal user experience.

  • Automated Content Generation- Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

AI has a huge potential in the creation and modification of content. Computers may not be able to craft high-quality content yet, but with tools like predictive analytics and generation analytics, AI has taken over a major chunk of the content creation process. The advantages of AI in the content generation industry are enormous. According to a report by BridghtEdge, the next big trend in the marketing industry will be 29% in consumer personalization, followed by 26% in AI.

As AI becomes good at editing content, it will further streamline the processes and eventually reduce costs. SaaS and Wibbitz are tools that help publishers generate videos from already written content with AI technology based on video rendering.

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Wordsmith is another great tool that utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) to produce content and news stories based on the given data.

Trends In Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

AI and ML are promising fields with significant potential for growth. Today, smart machines are only competent enough to handle repetitive orders and follow a planned pattern.

The machines still need human intervention for managing a chaotic situation and lack the skills to comprehend things which are out of the ordinary. Either way, AI and ML will potentially have path breaking technology that transcends the current scenario and help make our lives better.


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