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Cloud-Based Badging and Its Advantages

Buy viagra russia, Acquistare viagra online opinioni

Cloud-Based Badging and Its Advantages: While many of us tote around a cloud-based badge on a lanyard or a mobile device when we enter work every morning, we often don’t realize the tech behind the badge or fully understand its extensive capabilities and key features. And why would we?

However, for the more curious, we’ve broken down what IDaaS is and what it has to with cloud-based badging. You’ll quickly discover why current badging systems are rapidly moving to the Cloud and you’ll have a wealth of knowledge next time you swipe your badge to enter the building!

ID badges aren’t exactly new technology. However, when a business or organization makes the decision to transition from a bare-bones in-house badging system to an IDaaS system, or Identification as a Service, things start to get more complex.

Cloud-Based Badging and Its Advantages- Reviews

This isn’t because it’s a hard move to make but because cloud badging is much more sophisticated in its abilities to handle a variety of tasks without external equipment. In fact, it can all be handled through a single modern web browser. An IDaaS system is the more technical term for ID badge software; however, the idea is the same – providing identification services by leveraging the power of the Cloud for more streamlined management.

This allows for badge system access from any desktop or mobile device without the need for local IDMS software. Instead of badging software, a browser-based photo ID management portal is installed. An example of this is the VEONICS PORTAL™,which was the first commercially available virtual ID system that made mobile badge publishing a possibility.

This portal is a web-based ID management system that not only enrolls data but also manages photos and identities. Instead of the usual in-hand plastic card, the VEONICS PORTAL™ makes it easy to show an identification badge right from a mobile phone or device. This is possible by creating a virtual ID called a vID™. This virtual ID is created with a unique barcode and then published.

Cloud-Based Badging and Its Advantages and Tech Reviews

A hyperlink is then emailed to the individual it belongs to, and with a simple bookmark, it can be accessed from a variety of devices, such as a tablet, a cellphone or a PC browser. If ever deactivated, the hyperlink can no longer be accessed and it’s marked “inactive.” Even though it sounds simple enough, this portal was the first to offer this easy-to-use published URL badge to businesses!

Additionally, virtual ID issuance includes real-time vetting, which quickly determines the badge’s current status with a scan through the vID secured mobile app or even a common barcode scanner. It also includes roster tracking, which operates on a mobile device or PC kiosk to record a list of scanned badges for later reporting metrics. This type of flexibility on multiple stations ensures maximized productivity.

If you’re more familiar with badges that have your lovely photo in it, IDaaS systems are probably responsible for those too.

Tech card issuance becomes quick with powerful photo capture tools that include live photo, auto crop features, mass imports and even customized badge elements such as logos and unique color options. Again, no separate software is required and it can be built out and printed in no time with outsourced ID badge printing services or your local ID badge printer.

How does Cloud-Based Badgingworks?

can complete the design of badges, the capturing of data and the printing from any internet-enabled device. Who knew printing a badge could be so intricate and customizable?

Cutting back on external equipment is just one of the main reasons many companies are making the switch, but it’s not the only one. Utilizing IDaaS through a portal like VEONICS allows for automatic maintenance of the system, heightened cyber security, waived hosting fees, and even information backup and restoration.

Instead of dealing with the possibility of a security breach, a data malfunction or an information delay internally, cloud badging allows for the external storage of data, ensuring it won’t get lost or compromised no matter the circumstance. This is why migrating to the Cloud is so attractive for a number of processes, not just badging.

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Along with a security-first focus that ensures protection at all times and sensitive data encryption, this system allows your current database to integrate seamlessly utilizing Microsoft SQL, which makes manual entry a thing of the past.

Cloud-based badging has also evolved past simple entry capabilities and now includes exact timekeeping and attendance that can be used in special events or classroom attendance. In addition to people, mobile tracking can also be used to manage assets and even animals.

The next time you swipe into your workplace or an event, think about how much ID card software has evolved from a simple “punch-in and punch-out” system to a completely cloud-based portal that can be accessed through a variety of internet-enabled devices and a single secure browser.