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How does API help in marketing?

Buy viagra california - Viagra prescription doctor

How does API help in marketing? Marketing can be described as a backbone of a business.  A businessman concentrates more on his sales and marketing team as they bring income to the business.  It is not that he underestimates other departments, but the importance is given to the sales and marketing team.  So, a marketing team’s responsibility levels are too high than any other department.

What is the objective of any marketing team?

The main objective of any marketing team is to focus on consumer behavior and attitude and try to convince them and make them purchase the product.  Here consumer behavior, convincing them and making them purchase the product are three different aspects.

So whenever any strategy is made, the team has to consider the points mentioned above.  As and when the technology is changing, peoples’ standard of thinking is affected.  The marketing team should put themselves in consumer’s shoes and think as consumers think. This way they will be able to understand the requirement of the consumer.

So, a marketer has to make use of the technology is a positive way and create new ways of promoting or marketing the product.   SMS marketing is one such marketing technique. SMS facility is available on mobile phones.  Using API, a marketer can send the SMS easily. You as a marketer need not be a hardcore developer or programmer.  But having knowledge about the concept is always beneficial.

What does API stand for? Reviews

API, when expanded, becomes an application programming interface. API refers to a set of definitions which can be used in communication between various parts. Using API makes the task of computer programming easy. API can be made for systems like operating system, database systems, web-based system and it is also used for computer hardware or software.  Whenever such API is created a separate document is also provided.  This helps in its usage and implementation.

When API is used in SMS (Short Message Service), the character length is restricted up to 160 characters.  In other words, a text message API cannot exceed 160 characters.  So whatever marketing messages have to be sent should be limited to 160 characters only.

How does API help in marketing?

Assume you are a marketer, and you are working in launching new software. You want to send an invitation to invite people to register for a getting required free training in that software. All you have is a list of users to whom SMS has to be sent.

So you send required SMS to all the users.  But when they register they use your online marketing form. This will lead to the creation of two different databases.

So, when you want to analyze how many users want to participate, you will have a problem as you have to go through two different databases or sources. To avoid this, you will force to use a platform where sending SMS, getting responses and follow-up of the users are easy.

In this situation, if you program an API indicating that the responses should be directly linked to the database from which SMS has been sent.  It simplifies your work in analyzing how many users are participating and based on that you can decide your further strategy.

SMS marketing is good as it is mainly available on mobile phones.  It is effective because normally people carry their mobile phones everywhere, so when some SMS is sent, they view it immediately. If they find SMS is interesting, they try to contact immediately. Else they neglect the message. 

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The amount of expenditure incurred on such marketing is also less.  So an SMS marketing campaign to be successful should follow the following tips:-

  • Ensure you target the correct audience to earn benefits from the marketing campaign. Normally getting a response is itself very slow and in case you send it to the wrong person, the message will be ignored.  So, analyze the list of viewers before sending the SMS.
  • The message should contain valuable offer: A good way of attracting the viewers is to mention some valuable offers in the SMS you are sending.  The offer you declare should include the time period also for which the offer is valid.  Suppose you have a group of loyal customers, send an irresistible message saying about the offer to those loyal customers giving them preference.
  • The message you create should be concise and to the point. Don’t beat around the bushes.  Always focus on the message and its effects on the consumer.
  • Assume yourself in the customer’s position and then strategize: When you do this, you will be able to know what really attracts the customer.
  • Knowv- How does API help in marketing?

  • Whenever you are sending SMS, ensure that it has the link to the entire store where the product you are discussing is available. This makes the sale take place soon, and the buyer need not wait for long or go in search of the about said product.
  • Provide sufficient links to enable the user to react towards the sent SMS. Words like “waiting for your esteemed order” will please the customers.
  • Always give importance to the brand name of the product you are dealing with. Never send any SMS which degrades the popularity of the brand.
  • Never get disappointed if there is no response to the SMS you have sent. Contact your customers once again with a new offer after some days.  A regular contact may result in a good response from the customer.
  • In case, the customer contacts you viewing your SMS, ensure that the potential customer gets the right treatment and all his/her queries are answered politely. Any sort of misbehavior at this stage will be your loss of a valuable customer.
  • Never send the SMS repeatedly without analyzing the response from the customer. Always ensure that you give a certain gap between 2 messages.  In case your customers have a query about the message, don’t take in answering that message.  So a reply message has to be given immediately in such a case.  So, the judgment of the situation is very important.

You find a number of tips for SMS marketing, but well you make use of the concept and benefit from the campaign.