What would be the best handy Tips for Norton Installation?

Norton Internet Security in today’s scenario is the latest computer software security suite developed by ‘Symantec’. It works on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, laptops, and MS Windows platforms very easily.

Additionally, it is available in three (3) editions:

  • Norton Security Premium

  • Norton Security Deluxe

  • Norton Security Standard

Norton security standard protects only one (1) device at a time.

Norton Security Deluxe is worth giving as it can protect up to five (5) devices at a time.

Norton Security Premium can protect more than ten (10) devices at the same time.

To get the detailed information about the above-mentioned packages, dial Norton customer service number 1-844-753-7264.

Now, let us discuss with you some rose-petal information for Norton installation and on how to secure your software and WiFi networking devices after buying Norton security.

On the other hand, we do provide handy tactics about how to access the Norton login page, Norton product activation key, reinstall the Norton security (if needed), and download software for additional or extra-added smart WiFi-enabled devices.

Step 1

Uninstall the Existing Norton as well as the other Security Software (optional)

Hit on start and select the option “control panel” (depending upon the operating system you are using), do any one of the following:

  • Window Vista– This is used for uninstall or opening a program.

  • Window XP– This is meant for remove, add, or open programs.

Soon after the directory of the program opens (already installed), click on the Norton program that is to be removed and after that, hit the icon “remove” or ‘uninstall”. Once done, click on “Norton complete uninstall” option.

Now, hit next to proceed when a subscription waiting period pop-up appears. After that, click on “restart now” option.

Note: The software will not be uninstalled until and unless the computer or a laptop has properly restarted.

Uninstall the Procedure on Mac OS X Computers

You can easily remove an app by:

  • A Launchpad (something that sets an enterprise or a particular activity in motion.). To do so, hold the icon until it starts to jiggle. Hit the “delete” button once done.

  • If you don’t find a delete button on your Launchpad, you can remove the app by using its uninstaller easily. If this process doesn’t work, then ask our technical department for Norton customer support.

Step 2

Norton Installation Security

  • Open a web browser for Norton antivirus login.

  • Enter a valid email and a secure password and hit on the sign-in button once done.

  • After purchasing the antivirus security, if you are facing issues while accessing Norton internet security login page, then opt to interact with the solution provider of Norton at the aforementioned toll-free number.

  • If your device (any) doesn’t have any security installed then select the option “install on another” or “install on this device”.

  • Finally, click on “agree and download” to get the antivirus software installed in your active device (running currently).

Once you have downloaded the software on your device (computer or a laptop) successfully, you will see that you have received Norton’s downloader program successfully. Once you run this program, the installation of your security program will automatically get started.

On the displayed page, you have to follow all the on-screen instructions carefully. Once finished, your Norton product will soon be activated and installed.

Step 3

Installation of Norton Security on Additional Wired and Wireless Devices

For the installation of Norton antivirus software on additional WiFi-enabled smart devices, you need to follow some light and smooth steps given below:

  • First of all, log into the Norton management Console.

  • After that, right on the management homepage, there is a ‘download Norton’ button.

  • And above this icon, there is an option that says ‘do you want to add more devices’?

  • So, you have to select this option and chose the tab that says “install on another device”. Now, just follow the procedure that permits you to send an installation link through a valid email.

What is Norton 360 renewal?

A valid (legal or official) Norton subscription ensures you that your Norton security is always up-to-date. Conversely, if you do an upgrade purchase while Norton 360 renewal or activation, then you might need to download and install the Norton product on every networking device you want to protect, secure, depending on the number of internet/ WiFi devices your license allows. To know about Norton 360 renewal price, have a word with our technical department.

Users! If you please, we would insist you again to call our tech support team if you need any assistance related with your Norton internet security and installation. We rise by helping our customers.

Our motto is the satisfaction of our customers.