When It’s Time to Buy a New iPhone Battery

In today’s world, we use our phones for so many small tasks that it can sometimes take a toll on the device over time. Inevitably, a device will lose its shine and luster and start to fade in quality.

Even then, we may look at our phones and like the familiarity or comfort it gives us. We grow so familiar with the device that we want to keep the same phone, even as the battery starts to wear down.

Replacing a battery in your phone can ultimately help extend the life of your phone. Here are a few things to watch for so you know when to buy iPhone batteries for your device.

Battery Outgrows Phone – With extended usage, a battery can sometimes swell and outgrow the protective casing of the phone body. This is an easy sign that you need to buy an iPhone battery.

Your Phone Keeps Shutting Down – Nothing is more frustrating than trying to use your phone and having it continue to shut down without notice. It can be even more frustrating when your battery shows a half-full charge but shuts down unexpectedly. You may be able to solve this problem by re-calibrating your iPhone, but if the problem persists, then the battery is the problem and will require a replacement.

Slow Running Speed – This depends on the model of the phone and the operating system. If you are using an iPhone 6 or later, one of the more recent models, and it feels like the phone runs very slowly, your battery could be the problem. You can prove this by checking the battery health option under battery in the settings app.

Poor Battery Life – For more outdated models, the battery will start to deplete and lose power over time. The only solution is to buy an iPhone battery to replace the original. Over time, the battery loses power to the point where it likely requires a frequent charge. If you are starting to see that you cannot use your phone for more than two hours without charging, it is time for a replacement.

A Completely Dead Battery – If you are finding that your battery is completely dead and cannot hold a charge to the point where it needs to be plugged in, you need to replace the battery immediately.

Your iPhone Overheats – Some devices can start to heat up when used frequently. iPhones are designed to have the battery contain the heat and internalize it so the phone doesn’t overheat or become hot to the touch. If you notice that you can’t hold your phone because it is too hot, the battery is usually the problem and should be replaced.
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