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Reviews of Wireless electricity

Tech in 2018 has already started testing wireless methods for supplying electricity. In the last year many electric cars were in the news specially buy viagra online with paypal in canada Tesla, there were many reasons that we have today to switch our resources from traditional methods to advance tech using Dilantin where to buy VA, Artificial intelligence and many other trending technology which we have seen recently. But the question is, buy cheap uk Premarin online doctors do we have wireless electricity at home or offices or hospitals?

No, Why?

Why we are still struggling with bulky wires, facing problems handling them in newly constructed building, there should be electricity without wires.

We are charging our smartphone using wireless technology, so some inventions has already begun in this direction and if you are tech lover and want to know everything about Wireless Electricity, read this further–

Is Wireless Electricity Possible?

Answer is yes, why not, let me clear some terms actually we are going in detail about Electricity– so before this thing becomes trendy like WPT: wireless power transfer or wireless energy transmission, in this method Electromagnetic fields to transfer the power to your smartphones, and it makes you feel really great.

But not really that, we have a bigger issue, a big problem; what if the supply of electricity can be done without using huge & bulky copper wires or Aluminum wires that are used on long distance and short distance transmission lines.  And if that can happen, a huge problem will be solved.

Type of Wireless Power Transfer–

  1. Radiating
  2. Non-radiating

Non-radiating technique :  In this method power is transferred using inductive coupling between coil of wire or this can be done using capacitive coupling metals electrodes. And the inductive coupling is one which is used the most in charging smartphone, electric toothbrush and also plays good role in wireless charging of implantable devices in medical science.

Radiating technique : In this technique power is transferred using electromagnatic radiations like microwave or laser beams.

Wireless Electricity and tech



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