Youtube Rewind

Youtube Rewind 2018 – Most Disliked Video – What Went Wrong

The Overview

It’s the end of 2018, and it’s time for Youtube to release the Youtube Rewind. The video that almost all the youtube viewers and the content creators loved when it started.

But in recent times Youtube Rewind has became the most hated video on all of Youtube. The new Rewind video that Youtube release has amassed an staggering amount of dislike – 10 million.

It’s the most disliked video on all of Youtube, surpassing the previous king “Baby” by Justin Beiber.

There have also been many versions of the Youtube Rewind on Youtube. So many as the content creators have given them a common title “Youtube Rewind: How it should’ve been”.

The biggest Youtuber of all time- Felix kjellberg aka Pewdiepie has also made a video on Youtube Rewind making history. The video could be found here.

So What Went Wrong?

So it’s 2011 and Youtube releases the first Rewind. In it Amanda Black is showing the top 10 most viewed video of the year. Which then had become tradition for Youtube Rewind- to make a video about all the big stuff that happened on Youtube that year.

 This continued in 2012, 2013, 2014 and even posiibly 2015. But the Rewind of 2016 was a bit different, it did not had the feeling the previous Rewind’s had. And as one may guess, it was not well recieved. Everyone then just brushed it off saying it could be only a mistake, next time Rewind will be much better.

In 2017 Yoututbe again ruined the Rewind, raising much hatred but Youtube countinued making the same type of Rewind the next year, 2018. The Rewind of 2018, the Rewind which made histoy.

So, one may want to ask “Why did Youtube made the same mistake again?”. Well, because Youtube does not see Rewind in the same way as we users do.

The 2 Versions of Youtube Rewind

The Viewers version

Rewind, when it started was a collection of all the big things on Youtube and consisted of the biggest Youtubers of that year too.

The viewers version of Youtube Rewind is that of memes and the big news and the blunders and a video where all the biggest content creators are having fun.So that it could be memory to be etched in our brain. 

A place which is  the target of all the Youtubers to one day appear in..

But as Youtube started becoming bigger and greater. It started to venture on the path where a big corporation goes.

Youtube’s version

Advertisements, as Youtube started growing and was now becoming a big platform for advertising.So now it needed something, a video maybe, that was made for advertisers.It needed a video where Youtube can show what it will do for the advertisers and how much scope advertising on Youtube has.

So slowly the definition of Youtube Rewind was splitting into two versions, one for the viewers and content creators and one for Youtube.

From where it was a thing loved by all to something hated by all.

All just because of pleasing and inviting the advertisers did Youtube ruined the Alma mater of Youtube.

But no matter what Youtube Rewind 2018 still made history.

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