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Jobs are the work or an activity carrying out under a specific task either temporary or permanent. And the office is a place where many persons are working daily on a specific task under the supervision of higher authority with strict rules and regulations and schedules.

At the time of recruiting the employees and staff of a business organization, one should honestly recruit the candidate on their skills, talents as the jobs in business office required various extraordinary skills such as fast typing, knowledge of computer, systematic planning, filing and documenting, risk-taker, proper management, leaderships, self-reliant, innovative, etc. Developing good networking with large multinational companies and international companies, agencies, the organization is very important which can lead to a successful business organization.

Here I would like to mention 10 different types of jobs in the business office. They are as follows:

1. Chairman

Chairman holds the highest position in a business setup. He or she is an executive elected by the board of directors of the organization. He or she leads the high post officers and board in proper managing of all aspects of the business organization for better and effective management.

2. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Chief executive officer or chief executive is one of the corporative executives in charge of a company or an organization. They are elected by the board members and shareholders. The work of a CEO of a company is to deal with highly strategic decisions and changes and to direct the company’s overall growth. An executive plan directs and coordinates operational tasks for their company. But it is not easy to find an experienced and skilled executive. Recruiters take the help of exec search software to find the right candidate.

3. Account Manager

In a business office, an account manager is responsible for maintaining sales and relationships with customers. They are also responsible for maintaining the relationship between the company and the clients.

4. Office Manager

An office manager is a business professional, responsible for a variety of administrative tasks. Their work varies according to the type and the size of the company in which he or she works. They ensure the smooth function of a business. They are also called Administrative Service Managers.

5. Marketing Manager

The work of a Market Manager in a business office is to research and evaluate new product opportunities, customer needs, demand for potential products, and insights. They serve as a partner to finance and for product development in determining the viability of potential markets before the production of a product.

6. Accounts Payable Clerk

An Accounts Payable Clerk is responsible for performing various accounting and clerical tasks which are related to the accounts payable function, which includes receiving, processing, and verifying invoices and many other tasks. They also assist the management of their company’s finance or accounting department.

7. Financial Manager

A financial manager analyses the daily financial reports of their company and provides guidance and data report to the company executive in order to improve the financial status of the company. They are special opted professionals for the work.

8. Market Research Analyst

In business sectors, the work of a Market Research analyst is to monitor the share value and market value of their company and to forecast it in the form of data. They provide guidance to their company about how to sell and advertise their product. They train some individuals especially for taking interviews and online surveys.

9. Compliance Officer

Compliance officers are the individuals who are responsible for ensuring that the company is complying with its outside regulatory and legal requirements. They also ensure that the company is either following the internal policies and laws.

10. Receptionist

In a company, a receptionist performs various tasks ranging from receiving emails and calls from customers/individuals. They greet the customers and professionals arriving in their company.

A business company consists of many other professionals with specified tasks other than the listed posts. They all have different tasks according to their qualification and their efficiency, which are together responsible for running the company.


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