How to Choose the Right Online Guitar Shop In UAE

The trend of online shopping is growing all over the globe. People have started to switch to this facility in order to avoid all the hassles they face during physical shopping. At first, it wasn’t easy to convince the consumers, later on, with slow and steady strategy; online shopping is preferred in every country as it has penetrated into the lives of consumers. Whether its clothes, shoes, grocery, food, or other accessories; shopping online has become more common as compared to the previous years. The same fact goes with the musical instruments and guitars are no exception.

You don’t have to be a musician to keep a guitar with you. Around the world, there are 7% people who play guitar regularly. That makes the number of 50 million. These numbers are huge and so are the sales. There is no age bracket in the number mentioned earlier. Plus, the guitar as an instrument is most popular and considered a king of all other musical instruments due to its easy to use, cool avatar and nice sound. You don’t have to be a musician to buy a guitar and you can learn and perform any song you love to.

There might be a word in the market that guitars are dying and companies are shutting down, because of dropping sales. But, that’s quite not true. On the contrary, guitars are selling in the market more than ever. Even, the trend of online purchase of guitars is gaining momentum, despite all the challenges of online shopping.

Types of Guitars

Professional or amateur, as a buyer, the first thing you need to understand isthe different types of guitars.
•          Acoustic
•          Electric
•          Bass

Acoustic Guitars are made of wood, hollow from inside usually with six strings and can be attached with the amplifiers to produce music on a casual note. These are also available with twelve strings. This type is most common and popular among both the performer and the audience, catering mostly Pop and Soft Rock music genres.

Electric Guitars are made of solid wood and come with either six or twelve strings (six being most common) and an amplifier is a must with this type to play the instrument. These are created to enhance the music on a crazier level. Music variations and choices are much wider with this type which is best for Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal.

Bass Guitars are four stringer guitars made of solid wood to produce low deep thick sounds. Bass guitars are ideal for those who love to jam with drummers. Instrumental in every musical genre but this type plays best in Jazz, Blues, Funk Rock and Latin.

There are further variations in all the three types. Choose the right one according to your taste, style, and vision of how you want the instrument to look with you and how the way your audience should feel about it. Also, what artists you truly praise.

Things to Know before Choosing the Right Online Guitar Shop in UAE

Guitars are popular and are in demand in the UAE. The people of the country are fond of music as the UAE is the culture of the hub of not just the Middle East but the entire world. The place is known for theatre, live concerts, clubs, and arts. As far as the music is concerned, all genres are available in the lives of UAE residents. So, there is a huge market of guitars in the UAE and if you plan to purchase a guitar from an online store in UAE, you need to keep few things in mind before choosing the Right Guitar Shop Online.

  • Ask Around: First and most important, you need to look for an authorized online dealer in UAE. You need a trusted vendor. For this, you have to ask your close friends in your social circle along with your online search. Also, contact those who already have gone through online guitar shop procedure.
    • Variety:There should be a large scale of guitar options for that particular online store. Wide-scale of variety is authentication of that online store itself. All the known and unknown brands should be under the roof of that one particular online store that you are searching for.
    • Description:For the right online guitar store, choose the one which has a proper description of their guitar collection. That is, the online store not only displays images of their stock but also, describes necessary details of all the (types) instruments in a precise and short way.
    • Feedback & Reviews:Along with the point mentioned above, you must check the reviews and feedback of the existing clients and customers. If the majority is appreciating the products and services of the selected online store, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, keep searching and look for more options.
    • How Responsive Are They:When all the points are going in your favor, create an email based upon general knowledge questions about your instrument for the online store manager to check how well he/she responds to the asked ones. It is best if they respond within a day. Otherwise, three to five is fair enough to proceed. More than seven days to reply for an email is not a good sign. Remove the option from your list.
    •  Payment Plan: Last but not least, check out the payment plan. Does the selected store have all the choices for you on the table? Or they have limited ones? How flexible are they? And what suits you? Select the best online store in this regard, and make the easiest one for you to continue.

In short, these six points will definitely help everyone to find the Right Online Guitar Store in the UAE. Even if you are a non-UAE resident, these pointers are still helpful to choose the best online store for your instrument anywhere in the world. Whether it’s an online shop or a guitar purchased from a nearby shop, few guitar adjustments are supposed to be done according to your style and taste to fine tune the sound of the guitar.

Customers usually complain about their online purchase option not suitable for guitars but that era is quite over because of the fact stated above. Guitars are never factory tuned, either you have to adjust the strings and other stuff by yourself, through some friend, or have to visit some professional guitar player. UAE is wide in these opportunities so don’t hesitate and feel free to look for the best Online Guitar Store in UAE. Enjoy!


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