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By now, you’ve likely heard that the Earth is not doing great. Years of neglect are catching up to it. If you know of some easy ways to heal these issues, it makes sense to do so, doesn’t it? Below are three super easy things that you can do right now to both honor the Earth and help heal it. If everyone would do their part, imagine the difference they would make.

Shop for some new shoes: Yes, you can help the environment with something as easy and enjoyable as shopping for shoes. How and where you shop is what turns a traditional shopping experience into a thoughtful, healing experience.

  • Shop for sustainable, eco-friendly shoes. Whether it’s Italian shoes for women or sustainable women’s vegan sneakers should search for companies that are mindful of their impact on the Earth.
  • When you shop for sustainable items, you’re sending a message. You are rewarding companies who show they care, and you’re letting other companies know that you are willing to search for better options.
  • You can shop online for sustainable products if you can’t find them locally. Online stores usually have a better selection as well.

Take your own bags to the grocery store: Reduce the number of plastic bags that end up in the landfill. Instead, bring reusable shopping bags to the store with you. Fabric bags reduce waste and they are sturdier, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

No more plastic straws

  • Say no to straws when you dine out.
  • Bring your straw from home to your favorite coffee shop.
  • Buy a few reusable straws so that you always have one handy at home or when you’re on the go. Keep one in the car’s glove box.
  • Reusable straws are sturdy, and you can easily wash them between uses.

Plastic straws stick around for a long time after they are thrown away. They are in the landfill, in the ocean, and out in nature. Not only are these straws bad for the environment, but they are dangerous for the animals that encounter them. There you have it; three easy things that you can do that require little effort but make a big difference. Buy some new eco-friendly shoes and wear them proudly, bring a pretty bag along when you grocery shop, and get some reusable straws; your drink will taste even better when you know that you’re doing something good for the world.

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