4 Alternate Uses of a Seedbox Aside from Torrenting

Many of us know that the ultimate purpose of using a seedbox is for downloading and seeding torrents. While this remote hosting server is great for torrenting activities, can they be really used for something other than torrents?

The answer is ‘yes’ they can be used for a wide range of purposes. But not many people know about it. Seedboxes can be utilized for a number of things. They work amazingly just how they work for torrenting activities. However, their functionality depends on the type of seedbox you choose.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some alternate uses of a seedbox other than torrenting.

1.    Creating Media Streaming Platform

You can use your seedbox to set up a fully operational media streaming platform. One very popular such seedbox is a Plex Media Server that allows a user to stream media library, whether it is movies or music files right from your server itself.

There is no hassle of downloading those files to your system as you can stream them directly from the set server. Well, it could be a much cheaper alternative than using a streaming platform such as Hulu or Netflix, right?

2.    Applications can be run remotely

Some of the best seedboxes allow the user to gain access remotely via the Virtual Network Computing connection. In layman’s term, this simply means you are able to run and control apps from other devices as well.

This not only gives the user to do more with their seedbox but also a great scope for establishing scripts for the purpose of downloading YouTube videos. There are plenty other applications that can be utilized in a similar way.

3.    Enables to host voice server of your own

Another effective use of a seedbox is that a user can install services that can enable the user for setting up a chat server of its own. A voice server such as TeamSpeak. This is specifically beneficial for those who have too many users connected over it.

You are required to have a seedbox that provides root access for easily hosting out voice servers like TeamSpeak. Make sure to choose a seedbox that fulfills all the essential criteria to get access for TeamSpeak.

4.    Establishing your gaming server

Yes! That’s right. A user can establish a gaming server of its own with the help of a seedbox. All you have to do is get a dedicated seedbox that offers root SSH access.

A user has to get access for a dedicated seedbox in order to ensure your established gaming server operates well. If your seedbox is too feeble to support then the game won’t function at all.


Now that you are aware of the many alternate uses of seedboxes, it’s time for you to get home this super server. Torrenting isn’t the only activity that you can do with a dedicated remote hosting server seedbox. From streaming media to establishing a gaming server, a seedbox could be a support system for a lot of activities.

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