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4 Outstanding Ways To Increase Your Crypto Account Security In 2021!

by Timose

The cryptocurrency industry is attracting a lot of investors lately. Expanding the overall trading volume of the crypto market. A lot of different companies and individuals are showing interest in this field. Not to mention the industry is not limited to buying and selling different cryptos only. As there have been tons of collaborations recently that indicate how flexible working with crypto is! However, every coin has two sides pros and cons. Similarly, cryptocurrency trading is a highly volatile market. Making it difficult for newcomers to generate a decent profit margin from crypto trading.

How to increase your crypto account security?

Tons of people join the crypto industry with a goal in mind to generate passive income. By buying and selling different coins in the market. However, the majority of traders often do not pay much attention to the security aspect of the trading process. Despite the fact that securing your cryptocurrency trading experience is one of the most important things to keep your journey ongoing without any issues.

Importance of additional security

When it comes to dealing with money it doesn’t matter whether fiat or crypto, taking enough security precautions is always a good thing. There is an increasing number of use cases for crypto around the globe. So new vulnerabilities and potential risks regarding the payment keep popping out of nowhere. Whether it is a money transfer or a simple transaction for buying something. We can not neglect the fact that cryptocurrencies are more exposed to the internet.

Therefore making it easier for hackers to gain unauthorized access to your assets. So keeping your essential information like wallet addresses, private keys, public keys, and passwords secure is essential. Whereas using the right set of tools and methods is always a plus point for such purposes. To make it even easier for you, we have explained some proven methods. That will help you improve the overall security of your trading experience.

Proven methods to secure your crypto trading

1. Utilize 2FA

Two-factor authentication or 2FA is gaining popularity quite quickly among millions of users around the world. Whether it is banking, finance, trading, or other applications. Two-factor authentication is considered one of the best security methods to provide an extra layer of security for your apps. For those people who don’t know how 2FA works, it is an extra layer of security. That asks you for an additional code whenever you try to log in, initiate a transaction, or perform related activities.

Generally, two-factor authentication works with an SMS service. That is directly connected with your registered phone number. So whenever you try to log in to your trading platform or wallet app, it will send you a unique code. That you have to enter for completing the login process. However, using a third-party authentication service is a lot more reliable than simple SMS-based confirmation. Therefore, using apps like Google Authenticator with your preferred trading platform or wallets provides robust security along with the 2FA features of the platform. Simply download the app and the installation process is quite easy as well.

2. Choosing a reliable exchange

Activities like cryptocurrency trading or staking are rather common nowadays.  Being one of the essential features for any crypto trading platform, almost every crypto exchange is providing this service. But it doesn’t mean all of them are secure enough to start using right away. Hence, you need to do basic research before choosing a cryptocurrency exchange from the market.

Instead of going with flashy offers and bonus deals, we recommend choosing something that people trust. A platform on which you can rely with your both securities and funds. Due to some of the recent scams and hacking attempts on crypto exchanges, choosing the best crypto trading platform is the first priority. Especially if you are looking forward to staying in the market for a long time and generating profit from different coins.

3. Always prefer hardware wallets

Assuming that you already know how to buy and trade cryptocurrencies, you may already know how to store your digital assets as well. And the most common method to store various cryptocurrencies is by using digital crypto wallets. Unfortunately using digital wallets is not completely as safe as you think they are. Because they need to work with different blockchains in order to allow their users to trade or transfer different cryptocurrencies easily.

Making it accessible via the internet, they are not secure enough in some cases. Therefore, we highly recommend choosing a quality hardware wallet if you want to keep your digital assets safe. Unlike digital wallets, the hardware wallets store your public keys, private keys, and other important information in a more secure offline environment. Separating your data from the internet and keeping it secure in a cold wallet, is much likely to prevent any attacks or scams you may face.

4. Account locking on suspicious activity

Almost every platform is aware of the potential threats tailored to cryptocurrency investments and trading. Therefore introducing new security standards along with improved features is obvious in order to assure the users regarding the security of the platform they are using.

Automatic account locking and notifying the authentic user. About the unauthorized access attempt is a very useful feature. Because your crypto wallets and account information are directly connected with the internet. In the case of a data leak due to any reason, if someone tries to log in to your wallet or trading account from a new device, the feature will activate automatically. So make sure to use this feature if available with your device or platform.

Wrapping Up

It goes without saying that there is a very high possibility of facing a scam. You can also lose access to your assets due to poor security measures and careless behavior. However, it doesn’t mean that you will never face such problems. If you are using the best platform or service in the market. In addition, you can stay updated with the latest Cryptocurrency price list by making the right choice.

Taking additional security measures and following the latest trends is a necessity. If you wish to keep yourself secure from potential threats. Therefore, putting in some extra efforts to make your trading experience as secure as possible is completely worth it. Do share this information with other traders as well and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding cryptocurrency in the comments section below.

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