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When it comes to the material handling industry, productivity is perhaps the most important factor businesses strive to achieve. After all, moving material and equipment from one place to another is no easy task and one upon which a significant portion of any economy relies. As such, only the best people as well as equipment can help to achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity in performance.

Manufacturers of material handling equipment recognize the need and importance of enhancing productivity, and make notable efforts to produce machinery that helps businesses do just that. However, none has done that in a better way than the revolutionary and innovative forklift design of Moffett forklifts. Though Moffett equipment is renowned for its efficiency and performance, Moffett forklifts in particular have changed the landscape of the material handling industry with their innovative design and superior performance.

They have not only enhanced the scope of application for forklifts but also increased their versatility. As a result, forklifts are being used in a variety of different industries including poultry, agriculture, construction, industrial and defense and rescue services. So much so that there are an estimated 55,000, Moffett forklifts in use in the United States every year with the number increasing day by day.

Yet the reasons behind the success of Moffett forklifts in the material handling industry may not always by clear to some. Though it is widely known that they have an innovative design and better features, we shall be shedding light on the advantages and benefits those features provide to businesses. Above all, it is essential to understand how Moffett forklifts enhance productivity and efficiency in the on-site operations since it can help ease the purchase decision for fleet managers when the time comes to replace or add forklifts.

Since improving efficiency directly boosts productivity, therefore let us look at how Moffett forklifts improve efficiency in on site operations.

1.     Time Efficiency

Moffett forklifts offer time efficiency for businesses by virtue of their design and capabilities. When it comes to Moffett truck mounted forklifts, the first and foremost feature that comes to mind is their ability to mount at the back of trucks carrying the raw materials. This is a huge time saver since operators do not have to wait for the forklift to show up separately to the site of operation.

Instead, they can get to work as soon as the material is delivered since the Moffett forklift is mounted right at the back of the truck carrying the materials. With the lift assist feature, Moffett forklifts can mount and dismount from the back of trucks in just one minute. Moreover, due to their lightweight and compact size, they are easy to maneuver. This makes them easy to operate and leads to faster operations as compared to bulky counterbalance forklifts.

2.     Cost Efficiency

Another way that Moffett truck mounted forklifts improve productivity is by cutting costs. This directly relates to the first point, since transporting the forklift with the material makes it cost efficient. There is no need to spend more money in hiring or renting a separate transporter for the machinery.

Secondly, Moffett forklifts offer better value for money by costing less and working more. These forklifts are reliable and sturdy, which makes them less prone to break downs, saving maintenance and repair costs. Even used Moffett forklifts offer optimal functioning, especially if they are in good condition through reliable retailers such as Bobby Park Truck & Equipment. The money saved from the utilization of Moffett forklifts can be elsewhere within the business to improve operations in other departments.

3.     Workspace Efficiency

This sort of efficiency may be over looked by some, if not most, fleet managers yet it is essential in achieving success in the material handling industry. Workspace efficiency refers to how well the equipment can function in a given environment or workspace.

Thanks to the advanced features of Moffett fork trucks, they are able to perform outstandingly in confined spaces such as warehouses and factories. Since there is a lot of material within such closed spaces, the forklift needs to have good maneuverability and easy handling, which is exactly what Moffett forklifts provide.

4.     Versatility in Function

The more versatility in function a forklift provides, the more productive it is. Versatility here not only refers to the forklift’s ability to carry different types of loads but also the different industries in which it can operate. Few forklifts are better at this than Moffett since the wide range of Moffett product line makes them the ideal material handling equipment for urban distribution as well as rough terrain applications.

These were just some of the ways in which Moffett forklifts boost productivity for businesses in the material handling industry.

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