5 App design trends that will boom in 2019

Such a rollercoaster ride it is!

Take our words for it: Digital landscape is pretty predictable in its unpredictability. The staggering increase in the number of mobile apps has escalated the level of competition.

Amid all the chaos, every business owner wants to stay ahead of the competition. To get your anchors right on the dock, you need to seek the help of an app design agency. Mobile app designers and developers are in a continuous struggle to bring new things on the table. They need to ease their cells now as we have got what they have been looking for.

Here you will find information related to app design trends that will rule the cosmos in 2019:

More focus on pastel colors

Are you aware of the color theory? Little do you know; there is a whole science attached to it. Mark 2019 as the year of pastel colors. You will get to see the beautiful commingle of pastel colors mostly. Moreover, the gradient is making its come back. Expect to have a pinch of the gradient as well.

Minimalism will rule

Talking about mobile apps, you will see the concept of minimalism roaring out loud. No more disturbing graphics will be there, the detailed typography would not distract the users; more preference will be given to the content. It is a good thing for designers; they do not have to stress themselves about the detailed icons or effects; neither about the textures. The interface is going to be clear and more interactive.

Design for bigger screens

Oversized smartphones bring new challenges on the way. Mobile app designers have to keep the larger screens into account while designing an app. There are certain parameters that one cannot afford to miss while designing for bigger screens. App designers have to make sure that the key control does not fall below the thumb reach. Arranging elements according to the planned hierarchy will help you here.

Floating buttons

Indeed, bottom navigation has some perks attached to it. But relying on it completely should not be an option. For instance, if the native navigation bar intersects with the bottom bar, the user will face the problem. Some alternative options can save you here; in the coming year, you will see the floating action buttons. Not only they serve the purpose of the powerful call to action but also looks visually appealing.


Businesses now realize that their apps play a significant role in building a healthy relationship with customers. Holding on to the rope of this point; app designers will concentrate more on creating a design that serves the purpose of telling a brand story. In 2019, the mobile app designers will keep branding and storytelling atop everything.


To surpass the rest, mobile app designers have to keep the mentioned points into consideration. More navigational options, minimalist design, soft colors and storytelling will rule the app industry.

The mentioned trends will provide a perfect user experience. Moreover, businesses will reap a bulk of benefits that include customer satisfaction and an increase in the sales graph. Brands need to keep one thing into account before making any decision: they have to see whether a trend makes sense to the current brand image or not.


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