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Crime is on the rise and no one is safe from it unless you are prepared for it beforehand. Home Security Alarms– There is no doubt that technology has been a key factor in curbing crime rates in the upcoming era of tech. One way to keep your homes safe from intruders is to ensure you utilize these technological advances and invest in the finest yet affordable home security alarms. But, how do you find them? No worries, we’ve got you covered with wireless intruder alarm systems that will signal you via wireless connection if there is any intrusion. Here’s a list of 5 home security alarms anyone can afford.

GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm ($12.23)

This 120-decibel cost-effective alarm comes with a set of two contraptions that you can place near any window or door to secure your home from any threat. There are many other features this small yet purposeful device offers. It comes without any wires! That’s right, no strings attached. It is convenient to install and it also comes with a 90-day warranty to make sure you make your money’s worth.

LifeDecorDirect’sWiFi Door Sensor ($14.99)

Are you someone whose job entails them being away from home? No problem,all you need is some glue to stick this device near your door or window and you are sorted! It is compatible with both android and IOS.

Ray Home Wireless Alarm ($21.99)

Similar to the one listed above, this device alarms you through your phone in case of an invasion. This small device offers a long-distance wireless communication range with unbelievably 10 years of long-lasting battery life. You can set the device near your door and install Ray Home’s app via Google Play or Appstore and you’re all set!

Noel’s Window Door Alarm ($28.99)

If you have kids and find it exhausting to keep them away from danger at all times, you are at the right place. This alarm is ideal for child safety. It comes with six different devices that can be placed at various places and a loud enough alarm to alert you when your child leaves the premises while you are busy with work. It can also be used as a general home security alarm.

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Instapark IN03C Home Security Mangnetic Sensor Alarm ($12.99)

 This inexpensive, simple, and generous four-pack home security alarm has it all. Its ultra-compact design gives your house a chic look while maintaining security. Easy to install and powered by just two common AAA batteries it is free of any wire hassle and loud enough with its 110-decibel siren alerts to scare any intruder away!

In a modern fast-paced world, you don’t need racks of money to make sure your home is indeed a safe place as it should be. All you need is a little bit of information to keep crime away from your house. These affordable gadgets are a must for all homes! They will prove to be essential in protecting your belongings and loved ones without any complications.

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