5 Safe & Secure Ways to Make an Online Transaction

Digitization has almost changed the entire game of life. Applications are built over several fields and every complex process is being broken down to easy chunks. One of the most vital things in the digitization is the involvement of finance online. Since the businesses have stepped into a digital platform, the transactions involved in the business are also driven in online mode. Online transactions have become a cakewalk nowadays. Payment of shopping bills, electricity bills, bank transactions everything is settled on the go.


Here is the important thing that must be considered to continue enjoying the safe transaction online. Although the transactions made online are so easy and lessens the burden greatly, there are some hidden snakes behind the beautiful bush. Every single process involves the usage of the internet. Hence, it is automatically exposed to the opportunities of cybercrime. In order to enjoy secure internet transactions, one must understand all the risks involved. Once a person obtains a clear picture of the dangers safeguarding won’t be a tough task.

Online Safety

When you make transactions ensure that the browser you use is kept up to date. Using the latest available technology in the market is always additional security. When you use the updated version it is hard for hackers to breach the security line since it involves the latest scrambling and data hiding techniques. A secure password must include all the possible combination of characters. Uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and numbers everything must be encompassed within the password.

If your password includes a strong combination of characters it is always a challenging task to crack it. Hence, cultivate the habit of creating strong passwords rather than weak ones. Never use the same password to several sites which can cause you high security of your account. Always keep your account logged out; putting it on will prone your account into a danger zone.

Safe Shopping

Always when you shop over some site, you intend to make the online transaction as the final step. When you do so, don’t leave the site straightaway making the payment. You use your bank data to settle the shopping bills. Hence log out of that particular site when you have completed the transaction.

Don’t allow the system to save your passwords or other account information. It always takes a few extra minutes to type in. don’t get lazy and cast you unnecessary trouble. Especially if you are using bank online be very cautious at data.

Choosing a secure eCommerce site for shopping is also equally important. Check out whether they are a reputed merchant before you shop. Also check the modes available for the payment, whether a reputed third party payment service is used for the online transaction. Else it can be hazardous for your bank balance. Never trust a vendor without ‘https://’ sign. Avoid shopping at those sites.

Internet Safety

Next utmost thing that you must keep in mind is the internet that you use. Choosing a safety network to get started is important. If you are trying to make some bank transactions then using a private network is the most preferable one. It always keeps you in a safe zone. Using a public or insecure network will cause you heavy damage.

Do not use the public Wi-Fi to make some shopping. Your password and the account details can easily be tracked over the public network. Any stranger using the same network can easily view the things you are working at over the internet. Your identity will be lost in the network since the public Wi-Fi since they don’t encrypt the data.

Keep Yourself Protected

Many anti-virus programs are available nowadays. You can find the one that suits you the best and keep your entire system in a secured state. Run virus scan periodically over the computer and make some immediate counterfeit action if you find anyone. Using the ad-blocking software, spyware detection programs are highly recommended. Keep the software always up-to-date.

Use the social network sensibly. Don’t post your birthday and your complete details over the social media. Any information shared online can be stolen hence stay alert before you make any move online. Don’t click on the links sent from unknown mail ID. If you find some suspicious message then close your browser and other programs immediately followed by shutting down the system for some while. When you restart the system, run a full computer virus scan before you are back online.

Additional Tips

Apart from all those above discussed alerts also consider these tips,

  • Firewalls – These are your saviors, hence keep them updated to the latest version. Find the latest information regarding them to stay secure from the new scams that prevail in the digital world.
  • Frequent check and change – Performing a periodical change of the passwords and checking the credit card statements periodically can keep you away from fraudulent.

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