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Projector lamps come with variable life spans. Speaking of a low power projector lamp, it generally lasts up to 800 hours. On the contrary, if the projector lamp is high in quality and power(e.g., Epson h433b projector), have an average life span of 1500-2000 hours. Despite the number of hours mentioned in the packaging of projector lamps, it is just after 75% of usage that the illumination of these lamps declines drastically.

There might be various reasons for the replacement of the projector lamps – frequently switching off and on; or not allowing the device to cool down prior to plugging and unplugging it. Whatever be the case – whether there are issues with the treatment of projector lamps or it has run out of its lifetime; if it doesn’t function well, it’s high time you rid of it and replace it with some high-quality projector lamps like the Epson h433b projector.

Usually, folks fail to understand the right time to replace a projector lamp. It is for this very reason, we have come up with simple 5 signs to help you identify the right time to replace your old projector lamp:

  1. Colour dissipation:

Appropriate hues in presentations and videos are hands down very crucial to projector lamps. Whether your requirement for the projector is personal or public, it should display the right set of hues to display the desired media. If in any case, your projector fails to deliver this basic functionality, it’s high time you get rid of your existing projector.

  • Distorted images:

This situation generally arrives when the lifetime of the projector lamp is over. There isn’t really a permanent solution to the distortion of images. It is bound to degrade even after repairing. It is hence, a waste of time, money and energy.

  • Falling of the indicator:

These days many projector lamps come with an indicator that falls off, indicating the     user to change it as all of its power has been dissipated. Apart from this analog indicator, the modern projectors come up with digital messages that are displayed on the screen and convey the message to replace the lamp.

  • Decreased brightness:

The brightness of a projector lamp diminishes over time. You wouldn’t identify it immediately as the illumination gradually declines over time. If you receive complaints from your peers regarding the diminishing quality of the media, you know by now that your lamp requires a change.

  • Multiple refurbishments:

If you have already made multiple repairs to refurbish your existing lamp, there’s no point in repairing it over and over again as it shall only cause burns in your pocket. Therefore, investing in a good projector lamp can help you save your time, money and of course, the immense negativity!

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