5 Situations When Availing a Second to Die Policy Makes the Most Sense

Survivorship insurance or second-to-die policy is a permanent life one, where two individuals are insured under the same policy and the benefit is paid only after the passing of both the holders. It is an insurance plan that is typically purchased by spouses, and the death benefit is paid to the surviving beneficiaries. Even though the second to die insurance policy insures more than two individuals, particular situations are fit for purchasing survivorship life insurance. If you want this policy to offer the best advantages, you need to avail this for the right needs.

To choose the best-suited survivorship life insurance policies out of the many, you surely need to work it out with an independent insurance agent. Why go for a separate insurance representative?

It is any day better because unlike a broker, these insurance agents are not exclusively tied to one particular insurance carrier. What can be wiser than leaving your children the best quality and yet cost-effective insurance policies to enjoy the benefits from?

Circumstances which are apt for Survivorship Life Insurance

Caring for child with special needs

The purchase of a survivorship insurance policy can make sense when parents or grandparents are concerned about children, especially a child with special needs. The cost is indeed staggering when one has to care for a child with some developmental disorders. The United States Department of Agriculture has estimated a money worth $240,000 for raising a special needs child up to the age of 18. However, children with special needs require financial assistance even after 18 years of age as they often fail to live an independent life. Thus, parents have to think about the child’s long-term future (even after their passing) and chalk out a financial plan like a second to die life insurance policy for the same.

Support charities | Reviews

Do you have your favorite charitable organization in mind? Want to leave them a gift fund? There cannot be anything that works better than a survivorship life insurance policy in this case. Here, the charity will be the beneficiary. If you are curious as to how this particular insurance policy is appropriate for a generous giveaway, here are the reasons:

  • It allows you the option of choosing multiple charities.
  • At times, a foundation can even own the insurance policy. Nonetheless, when you name the charitable institute as the beneficiary, the insurance becomes straightforward and easy.
  • Lastly, the surprise benefit is in your estate planning. Charity gift funds often provide income tax deductions which are indeed a significant help in estate planning. The deductions, of course, are dependent on your estate.

Funds for estate fees

One of the best strategies you can implement to hedge against estate taxes and fees is purchasing the best-suited survivorship insurance policy. The proceedings of this insurance are passed on to the beneficiaries (income-tax free) after the death of the last insured person.

Thus, it proves to be a medium that covers the tax costs associated with large estates. The survivorship insurance policy is popular since estate fees come under the federal current tax laws which state that these taxes are not due unless and until the second spouse passes away.

The estate size can remain intact by the implementation of second-to-die insurance plans, provided you own a sizable and a taxable estate.

Business purpose

If you are into spousal partnerships, you surely know the value of transition plans. You can use the funds and tax strategies that this particular insurance policy provides to continue running the portions of your family business. Another thing that can be done is equalizing the inheritance if you have a business succession plan in mind. In this case, it is advisable to enter the policy with the child who would be the successor of the business in future and put the others as beneficiaries. The second-to-die insurance policy is also a good option for non-family companies.

These benefits can be appreciated when the buy-sell agreement of the business is intelligently established through the survivorship life insurance.

Educational funds

Purchasing permanent second-to-die insurance policies can prove to be of great help in terms of educational funds. The logic is simple. The cash value that these plans create can further be accessed as a fund for educational purposes. If this tool to fund a child’s education is strategically planned, it can be a perfect tax-advantaged recourse for funding education in private colleges or schools.

Other benefits include affordability in comparison to purchasing separate policies and liberal underwriting. Moreover, it can replace the wealth that you have spent in your lifetime.


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