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Pets can be your best friends and often your siblings. However, they don’t have human capabilities and hence they rightfully deserve all the love and pampering in the world. Anybody who’s grown up with a pet will closely realize the integral role they play in the person’s life while growing up.

While they might still stick to their old toy or devour stuff out of nibbling at your bedside table or tear your childhood soft toy down to feathers, they deserve all the new toys regardless. Custom or handmade gifts are rather a special way of expressing your love for them or simply just to flaunt it; Custom made dresses to twin with them or custom-made small dog harness and collars serve as great gift ideas. Here are a few offbeat ideas for a gift you can give to your furry friend. 

  1. Beds- If you own a dog, dog beds make one of the coziest gifts for all year round. While your dog can still prefer to scooch into your bed, inside your blanket, giving you the warmest hugs; dog beds can be perfect for their daytime routine. If yours is a sleepy dog, this is by far the most needed accessory that your dog will enjoy. You can pick a feather dog bed or one with memory foam for their utmost comfort. You can also decorate the bed with custom made cushions with your pet’s face spooking them out a little for fun.
  2. Collars- Collars are the most desired piece of accessory for pets. Pet lovers hoard different types and styles of collars for their pets which serve the purpose of flaunting ‘style statements’ of their pets. A custom-made collar is one of the best gifts that you can present to your dog. You can engrave their names or both your names and keep one as a bracelet for yourself. You can also get a similar custom-made small dog harness to match with the collar for your dog or a bell for your cat. Going by the trend and your comfort, a custom no pull dog harness will go a long time.
  3. Dog Harness- For all the dog parents, morning and evening walks are a must in their schedule. Dogs need to be taken on regular walks and that is exactly why a dog harness is an absolute must accessory for them. Getting these harnesses custom made will not only help you design it your way, but it is also a better option for a correct fit, custom size dog harness will rid you of all the size woes. Online size charts are a struggle to deal with. While some offer different sizes and dimensions, it is still not sure to fit your dog correctly, hence a custom size dog harness is a great option. A custom no pull dog harness will cater to your comfort and also serve as a great training tool for your dog.
  4. Sweater or Pajamas- Twinning with your pet is a greater joy which you must experience in your life. While a lot of outlets offer sweaters and garment for your pets, getting them custom made for both of you will let you flaunt your bonding. You can get them custom made or simply sew one for your pet and another for yourself. There is no better expression of your love than to put in the effort of such kind.
  5. Toys- Toys are not only for the merriment for your pets but it also is a critical part of the growth of animals. Cats are fond of closed spaces and cosy, narrow corners, that can be found in the most unexpected corners of the house, and hence, building them a cat maze is a great idea. Similarly, hard toys are an integral tool during your dog’s teething phase.

Pets, however, need your love and time the most. Regardless of the material gifts that you get for them, spending time with them playing will always remain unmatched.

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