5 Trends That Are Going Change The Digital Marketing Game in 2019

Digital Marketing has always been an ever-evolving industry. Every year new trends emerge that changes the entire industry. With more and more brands and companies investing in digital marketing, one needs to keep upgrading their digital marketing strategies as per the latest industry norms in order to stay ahead of the competitors. Be it digital marketing companies in Bangalore or anywhere else in India, each and every one of the constantly keep trying to cope up with the latest trends.

With that being said, are you aware of the latest trends in digital marketing that have kicked off in 2019?

Here are 5 Trends in digital marketing that are going to emerge in 2019-
Videos Will Be Refined For SEO-

If you’re anyhow related to digital marketing then you must be aware of the process that search engines use to rank websites. However, the search engines keep making tweaks in the algorithm that affects the rankings. In order to keep ranking higher in SERP, businesses need to adapt to the changing ranking algorithm.

According to a recent survey, in 2019, 80% of the global internet consumption will be video content and 7 out of 10 marketing professionals are optimizing video for SEO. So, for making your videos rank higher, you need to make sure that they are highly optimized for search engines. Hire the best SEO agency to effectively use SEO for your business.

Email Marketing Will Get Personal

When it comes to developing a bond between your brand and your customers, adding the personalized touch works the best. That is why going the extra mile by sending personalized messages can help you to convert your one-time customer to a lifetime customer. For writing personalized emails, make sure to add-
● Create different plus specific emails to different customer segments.
● Choose the products that are to be promoted as per the interest of your customers.
● Create short yet impactful and engaging emails.

Change in Keywords Due To Popularity of Voice Search

Voice search has already taken the industry by storm and now that a considerable number of people are using voice search for different purposes, it’s important to make your keywords voice search ready. Users have started to abandon typing their search queries and have started opt voice search more. Ask your digital marketing agency or marketing team to use long tail keywords that offer an answer to questions in your ads.
Negative Keywords to Become Even More Important

Since marketers have no control over who their ads and creatives are shown to, they can still control over who do not show their ads. Using negative keywords in the right way is the last way of manual control that marketers have. This is because AI and ML have taken over a large part of traditional tasks that were previously controlled by marketers.

Facebook and Google Will Attempt to Automate Ad Creation

Last year, we already saw the beginning of this that is the beginning of “dynamic” ads. But those innovative ads takes pieces of ads from various sources and then assembles them in different ways. Let’s see how will Google and Facebook change the ad industry.


Several changes are taking place every year in the digital marketing industry but not all of the changes manage to survive for long. However, leveraging the prediction can help you to create a successful marketing strategy for your business. Use these strategies to skyrocket your marketing ROI in 2019.


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