5 Types of Birds You cannot Miss while Exploring Nature with Birding Tour in China

Bird watching is one of the popular leisure activities globally. For the past decades, the oriental part of the world, especially China has gained much popularity in bird conservation and sanctuary. This goes without saying how people all over the western countries are flying down to the different regions of Sichuan or Yunnan.

If your interest lies in catching the flight of Oriental Pied Hornbill or Chinese Babax, you may be in for a treat. The trips are generally divided in the northwest, southwest, southeast, and northeast areas. Every place gifts you a wide variety of bird species while inspiring you to discover nature on a different note.

Furthermore, you can relax, listen to chirpings, and enjoy nature’s bliss. This is much needed to recharge your life and stay tuned to the positive aspect of life. Understanding how essential it becomes to rewind while dwelling amidst the nature, China birding tour develops the expedition accordingly. Now if you wish to know what types of colorful winged birdies that you can meet during the journey, read on.

Sichuan Treecreeper

The existence of Sichuan treecreeper is not universally threatened but they are enlisted as vulnerable, at present. This type of birds gorges over upper part of tall trees or lower part of the moss-covered tree trunks. They are tiny in size (only 6.5 in!) and primarily spotted in the rainy areas of Sichuan. So, if you plan to hike in the high-altitude & open setting of Xiangling, you can hear the Sichuan treecreeper singing amidst the green forest.

Emei Shan Liocichla

This too is now recognized as vulnerable but extensively present in the subtropical forest of Sichuan and Yunnan. Belonging to the mountain ranges of southwestern China, the species is also familiar as grey-faced liocichla. If you notice an olive colored bird with red patches in the wings, it may be an Emei Shan liocichla. Now, habitat loss is the most crucial problem that these birds are facing.

Chinese Golden Pheasant

Considered as the emblem of empress, the history of Chinese golden pheasant is deeply rooted in the bygone era. Generally seen in the bamboo thickets, the golden pheasants are the birds of happiness in China. And, if you choose the summertime, the abundance of these pheasants will delight your heart. So, be careful around the foothills of rocky mountain ranges because you sure do not want to distract the birds performing their courtship rituals.

Slender-Billed Scimitar Babbler

Originally belonging to the Old World Babbler family, slender-billed scimitar babbler is generally seen in southwestern areas of China and Vietnam. It is a type of passerine or perching bird found in the subtropical regions. If you hear a hollow piping sound like “wuwuwu” from the bamboo groves, then there may be a slender-billed scimitar babbler hiding behind the leaves.

Red-tailed Laughingthrush

Observed in the greenery of Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, you can catch a glimpse of red-tailed laughingthrushes in Yunnan. They make sounds like “eeoo-wee” and “uu-weeoo” and prefer to stay under the wide-leaf green forest. And, their natural diet includes little centipedes, beetles, and berries.

If you are too eager to capture the red-tailed laughingthrush or Emei Shan liocichla, you should check out the trip details of Yunnan birding tours today.

Author bio: Taylor Steele, an avid bird watcher has published different articles on bird watching including a few on Yunnan Birding Tours. Here, she mentions a few types of birds that you will surely observe in the China Birding Tour.


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