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Many of us dream of lustrous long hair. We aim to grow our hair long, but not everyone succeeds in achieving it. Growing long hair can be a challenging task.

The sun and population that damage our hair have become a part of our everyday lives, but we can indeed switch to natural hair care products and do our hair a favor. There are also few effective tips that you can try to boost your hair growth. Five of them are given below for you-

  • Oiling: Oiling your hair is an age-old but effective concept. Oiling provides nutrition to the hair roots through the scalp. A light massage with your fingertips will stimulate blood circulation in your scalp resulting in healthy hair and hair growth. Stimulating Growth Oil by Earth Born Organics is a great hair growth stimulator oil. Another product from the same brand which helps you in hair growth is the Herb Infused Oil which will nourish the hair with the goodness of a mixture of herbs.
  • Using less shampoo: The chemicals generally used in shampoos strips the hair of its natural oils. It makes the hair and the scalp dry and can lead to problems like hair fall and dandruff. It would be best if you restricted yourself to use shampoo twice or thrice a week. This will give your hair the time to recover the dry scalp.
  • Sun Protection: The UV rays from the sun do damage not only your skin but also your hair. You should always cover your head while going out in the sun and try to avoid it as much as possible. You can also use hair serums with sun protection in them.
  • Gentle combing: Not many people realize this, but how you comb your hair is significant. You should comb your hair gently with a gentle wide-toothed comb first. Pulling your hair forcefully can lead to damage or breakage. It can damage the root or break the hair in the middle and make it frizzy.
  • Supplements: Your hair is an essential indicator of your overall health. Healthy hair is a sign that your body is getting the required nutrition and is functioning well. To grow your hair, you must take a healthy diet and add some natural hair growth supplements if necessary.
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