6 Common Problems in Modern Smartphones

Smartphones are an answer to everything. Literally. You want to make a call, take a picture, make payments, change a channel, or switch on a light. You name it and your smartphone can do it. I use my smartphone to watch TV as well. All I needed was my subscription to the Cox Internet Starter package and the app!

However, my smartphone is not about everything good. I often have to face some problems. If you own a smartphone, you might have come across these common issues as well.

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Faulty Apps

It’s a world of apps. Any brand that you prefer shopping from, the bank that you have an account in and your favorite restaurant, all have apps besides their websites. In this era, a business that does not offer an app is unthinkable. I do not have anything against apps. In fact, I believe that they are the best thing that happened to smartphones.

However, one cannot ignore the faulty apps. The fact that there are gazillion apps out there that can facilitate you might overwhelm you. For example, fitness apps and grocery apps. But you should not forget that many of the apps are faulty too. Therefore, you should be careful when downloading them.

At times, the bugs in a certain app case to become faulty. In that case, you should delete and re-install the app. Another way is to clear the app’s data from the App Manager. And you are good to go.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Who would know this better than iPhone users! Bluetooth feature facilitates the users to connect to another device (it can be another smartphone or laptop). Thus, making the transfer of data an easy task. However, sometimes this feature refuses to be of any help. This creates issues for people who could easily transfer data otherwise. One of the common causes of Bluetooth issues is pairing error. Various interferences can also stop Bluetooth from performing.

You should also be wary of any other wireless device that might be in the same vicinity as that of the Bluetooth. As major as this problem might seem. It has a simple solution. Switch off your Bluetooth and connect it again. This works almost in every case.

Unresponsive Screen

Did you ever have to deal with an issue of not being able to answer a call because the screen refuses to respond to your action? Have you ever tapped the screen several times but were unable to perform any action at all? If YES, then you know what an unresponsive screen is. This is perhaps the most annoying problem smartphone users have to face.

Annoying but not impossible to fix. All you have to do is restart your phone. And the issue gets fixed.


If you have your mobile in your hands for almost as long as you are awake, you might have experienced this issue. Overheating of the device is not only uncomfortable a feeling but it is also bad for your smartphone’s battery life. Not to forget that this issue affects screen life as well.

Some of the precautions that you can take to avoid this problem from happening include not overusing it and keeping it away from direct sunlight. Also, try keeping the brightness of your phone low and turn off all apps that you are not using. Overcharging the phone also causes it to heat up often.

Not Enough Space

There is never enough space. No matter how many memes or photos you delete and apps you remove, the space issues come to haunt every now and then. Investing in a phone that offers more storage capacity is the only way to deal with this issue. Apart from that, you should keep deleting the photos on a regular basis (after creating a backup for them).

Slow Online Speeds

Online speeds can pose problems to smartphone users as well. An increased number of mobile phone users are to be blamed for this. Because more users want to connect to the Internet now. And the available bandwidth remains the same.

The only thing that can help you to resolve this issue is having a strong Wi-Fi connection. Other than that, you should pray that your state falls in the area that does not have bandwidth issues. I am afraid that this problem does not have many solutions. The last resort would be for you to move places. This was a joke.

Some Internet service providers promise that the users will never have to face downtime or outage. Thus, making things convenient. My Cox connection has never disappointed. And if I have ever faced an issue, calling the Cox customer care number meant that the issue got fixed in minutes.

So if nothing else is working for you, you can also consider changing companies. Maybe your Internet service provider is not good enough.

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